Signal In The Distance by Peter Welmerink

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Rating 6.9/10
Signal In The Distance does the job of telling a good story about a mysterious monster.

Short fiction has become a necessity for me recently. I don't get much time to read at the moment, so I need stories I can read and digest in a short space of time just to get my fix. Signal In The Distance is a short by Peter Welmerink, and despite a few faults here and there it does a pretty good job at sating my thirst for short stories.

Signal In The Distance is set in the 1950's and tells the story of Jake Jenkins, his search for a missing man, and the Lovecraft inspired monsters he finds instead. This is an intense short story, emotions are flying around all over the place, the monsters envisaged rank quite nicely on the weird and wonderful scale, and the action sequences are fast and furious.

This is a great story, but there are some technical issues here with both the formatting and the prose. The writing is not entirely consistent, there are grammar and typo issues, and when not in action mode the writing can be passive and repetitious. When it comes to formatting, the lines are too closely spaced making it hard to read, the paragraph indents are too big, and the font exacerbates both issues. With a bit of work, Welmerink could tidy this product up and make it much easier to consume.

In short, Signal In The Distance does the job of telling a good story about a mysterious monster in an exciting way. This story might not be for everyone, but at $0.99 or (£0.77), its definitely work giving it a try.

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