The Red Mage by Pip Janssen

(8.0/10) A compelling novel, from moments of joy to sadness and rage.

This second novel from Pip Janssen is very different from Darkness Visible, this novel is set in the World of Vertiga, which is a world with Magic, Dragons and Leaves (non humans).

The story is focused on a girl called Evie Moon, who has accepted that her life revolves around being a washer-woman for the prison population of Verenth, which also involves being a prostitute if the prisoners can pay. Evie doesn’t hate her life but she has accepted that this is what her life is. After a brief encounter with a new prisoner, Evie’s life dramatically changes when she finds out that she has the ability to be a mage.

This story focuses on Evie’s journey from being someone who is able to look after herself to being someone a community can rely upon. This story focuses on hope and being true to yourself whilst overcoming struggles and social proprieties.

Evie’s character is very well written and you hope that she will succeed in her endeavours however hard they may be. She is also surrounded by a lot of other characters who all serve a purpose in making the town she lives in feel like a home. This is a story with a lot of twists and turns on Evie’s quest to discover who she is and who she will become. As the subscript of the title is a tale of Vertiga, I hope that there will be many more stories to come from this world even if they may not necessarily focus on Evie.

Pip Janssen has written a compelling novel where you will find yourself desperate to know what is going to happen next, from moments of joy to sadness and rage this book will take you on an enjoyable journey.

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