Supernatural: War of the Sons by Rebecca Dessertine and David Reed

Supernatural: War of the Sons book cover
Rating 6.0/10
An easy read, not too thought provoking, an easy way to spend a few hours.

Ok, I admit it, huge Supernatural fan here! The Winchester brothers escapades into the world of all things, well, supernatural, are one of the highlights of my weekly televisual viewing, so I jumped at the chance to read and review one of the books.

This is the first book in the series I’ve read. I figured it wouldn’t be too much hard work as I already know all the characters from the TV show, in fact one of my favourite episodes is The Monster At The End Of This Book, in which we meet Chuck, a man who thinks he’s simply writing fiction but turns out he’s actually a Prophet who is writing the brothers life story unbeknownst to him… but I digress!

War of the Sons takes place shortly after the season five episode ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and sees the boys in South Dakota where upon they meet Angel Don who sends them back in time to 1954 on a mission to find the last few pages of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a bid to destroy Lucifer once and for all.

When I discovered their quest would involve time travel, I began reading faster than you could say ‘1.21 gigawatts’, but, to be honest I was a little disappointed. It’s filled with the kind of banter and sarcasm that you come to expect between the brothers but some of the situations they were put in, well, I expect a 14 year old may find philosophical. You’re kidding me, they didn’t have the internet in the 50’s and what’s this, a library! To be honest, I think that this is the demographic they’ve aimed War Of The Sons at, so I’m trying not to be too hard on the book.

All things aside it’s an easy read, not too thought provoking, an easy way to spend a few hours, and if you’re a fan of the show who wants to delve deeper into the Supernatural storyline then I’d say go for it, after all the show itself never pretends to be something it’s not, why should the books.

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