Connor's Folly by Robert C Auty (Trance Warriors: Book 2)

Connor’s Folly by Robert Auty, published March 31 2010 by Book Guild Publishing (ISBN-10: 1846243963), is a work of heroic fantasy accessible to adults, both young and old. The book is the second instalment in the Trance Warriors saga and is preceded by The Siege of Scarn.

In Connor’s Folly Auty looks to build upon the story, world and characters introduced in The Siege of Scarn. Exploring themes of bravery, loyalty and friendship, whilst focusing on the battle between good and evil, the book will appeal to readers of sword and sorcery novels. Written using a third person narrative the author’s writing is competent but unfortunately lacking in the areas of characterisation and exposition.

In the aftermath of the bloody siege, Connor has left behind his friends in search of the White Palace where he will perfect his 'trancing' abilities. So begins a new adventure. With battles to overcome and allies to muster, he is forced to divert from his plan to counter the growing threat of the blood horde. Kaitomi, the blood emperor, has dispatched his equally sinister sister, Maitoma, to the western continent to continue spreading their particular form of evil. With a vampire-like bite she converts all in her path to the legions of the undead.  As Maitoma's forces grow in strength and ferocity, Connor is forced to call on all his skills to aid his new friends and allies.

I found Conner’s Folly disappointing. The Siege of Scarn was a good book but it had its faults; namely the humour-laden narrative that was a times grating and inappropriate. My hopes were for the second book in the series to improve upon its predecessor and to provide a tale that was still as full of action but with more time devoted to the characters and the land they inhabit.  

Unfortunately this did not happen. The characters who were difficult to warm to in the first novel become even less endearing and the dialogue become intensely annoying. The story itself is standard fantasy fare, plagued by stereotypes and once again featuring a complete lack of originality. Those wishing to read good heroic fantasy would be better off reading the authors who have inspired this work, namely David Gemmell, David Eddings, JRR Tolkien and Michael Moorcock. Not recommended.

Connor’s Folly
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing (31 Mar 2010)
RRP: £16.99

Robert C Auty, originally from Lancashire, spent his formative years in Canada before returning to England where his family settled in the village of Heysham, Lancashire. Robert now lives on the edge of the Lake District. A manager with a distribution company, outside of work Robert enjoys the outdoors, photography, and beekeeping. When he is not busy writing he enjoys walking in the Yorkshire Dales and Lakeland Fells.

5/10 Standard fantasy fare, plagued by stereotypes and unfortunately unoriginal too.

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Connor's Folly reader reviews

from Wales

I enjoyed this book! Incredible weaving of different fantasy and historical elements. I hope the next one is as good!
10/10 ()

from UK

Very entertaining, as was the first book.
10/10 ()

from London

A great sequel, The Siege of Scarn was a good solid fantasy book, and this one is better, super action and characters, a battle between gods and men. Recommended.
10/10 ()

from Canada

Robert sent me a copy when this was released. It is a great book in what's promising to be a good fantasy series. Connor is drawn away from Middle Isle to seek the 'White Palace' . He meets new races, and enemies, and must end a new growing danger before he completes his own tasks. Super action scenes, particularly when he trances to face the knight for the first time. Excellent.
10/10 ()

from Wales

I enjoyed Connor's Folly. I liked the main character, he was at times dour, funny, and a very reluctant hero, uncomfortable with praise, and abrupt with his new companions at times. In the first book he was selfish, and uncaring, but he is a man who has killed many times and has had his known family torn from him violently at least three times, so his cold exterior is very understandable. A deep realistic character, the kind I can follow in a series of books.
10/10 ()

from Cornwall

Would give 8 out of 10, but the unfair review above promts me to give 10. Connor's Folly follows Connor across the ocean to other lands in search of more of his powers and heritage. Needless to say, many things to thwart him and his various new companions. Good, all action fantasy.
10/10 ()

from UK

A dark gritty fantasy novel, with good characters and loads of action. Worth a read. I understand from the author that one of his female characters takes a prominent role in the next in the series.
10/10 ()

from UK

A good book. Worth a read. Read The Siege of Scarn first though.
10/10 ()

from England

Not fair at 4/10. It's a lot better than that. I don't normally write reviews but this one merits a reply. A good book, solid fantasy fiction. The first had shades of Gemmell, yes! So what's wrong with that? And the second echoed a little of Gemmell and Eddings, so what's wrong with that? Well worth a read.
8/10 ()

from Basildon

The author's directed his mailing list towards this site and review and asked them to add their comments about his work. I really enjoyed this book, it was better than the first. More rounded and good characters, imaginative storyline and a clever weaving of myth and fantasy. Good book.
9/10 ()

from Preston

I got a review copy of this book off the Author soon after publication. I have to say I am surprised by the review on this site. The book was fast paced, the characters strong, and colourful and the story, a good follow on from book one. I don't read much in the way of fantasy fiction, but this book has directed me towards that genre, and I've read maybe a dozen since, this one, and its predecessor still stand out for me. I recommend it to you.
10/10 ()

from USA

In the aftermath of the horrific bloody siege, Connor sets off in search of the White Palace, where he seeks to perfect his innate "trancing" abilities. Little does he know, though, his quest will be anything but easy - as the wicked Kaitomi dispatches his sister, Maitoma, to continue spreading their trademark brand of evil throughout the unsuspecting populace. When Connor and Maitoma finally cross paths in the heat of battle, she pulls a sinister trick on him that may just cut his valiant efforts tragically short... Picking up right where The Siege Of Scarn left off, Connor's Folly is every bit as riveting and action-packed as its predecessor. The second installment in the Trance Warriors series, in Connor's Folly author Robert Auty introduces the reader to a host of new characters and adventures, all of which engage the imagination in a suspense-filled, powerful fantasy tale. Drawing on popular legends and long-fabled folklore, Auty continues to impress with his ability to intermarry real-life action with compelling fantasy, providing die-hard fans of sweeping epic tales with the ultimate in reading satisfaction. A highly recommended morality tale of the essence of good vs. evil, Connor's Folly is a strong new addition to Auty's growing opus of instant classics. Highly recommended.
10/10 ()

from Lancaster

Brilliant follow-up to The Siege of Scarn, grittier and darker, but still as fast paced. Better and more rounded than its predecessor. Highly recommended.
10/10 ()

from Manchester

So much better than the miserly 4 out of 10 given above. I give 10 to offset that ridiculous score. Connor's Folly follows the hero, Connor, of The Siege of Scarn, the first Trance Warriors book, as he continues on his quest to rid the world of the god Scarn's evil twin brother. Suffice it to say, full of action colourful characters and new lands, and an ending leaving you wanting more. Recommended to anyone enjoying good solid heroic fantasy fiction.
10/10 ()

9.5/10 from 15 reviews

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