The Silver Fox by Sean Beech (The Lords of the Moon: Book 2)

8/10 A rewarding story of bravery, mystery, friendship and betrayal.

The Dark Knights have arrived in the Moon Lands and almost three hundred years of peace are about to be shattered. With no King to unite the feuding Lords, Morkin, the heir apparent, must journey north to recreate his lost Ice Crown and thereby bring together the armies of man.

In 2008, Elgin-born author and QA nurse Sean Beech embarked on his quest to improve reading standards in the United Kingdom. To achieve this goal he donated 50% of the profits from sales of his debut novel, The Ice Crown, to charities (namely The National Literacy Trust) and should the newly released sequel, The Silver Fox, happen reach the best sellers chart he will then donate the full 100% of his royalties to the same charity.

The Ice Crown, which was written in army notebooks during off duty periods in Iraq whilst deployed on Operation Telic 9 in 2006, was a fine opening to a planned trilogy. Strong on characterisation it quickly drew the reader into the Lands of the Moon and now, in The Silver Fox, Sean Beech furthers the story as Morkin continues his quest to recreate the Ice Crown, the Wolves of Fennigan look to recover their lost howl and Luxor, with the threat of the Dark Knights growing, attempts to bring the Lords of the Moon all under one banner.

Once again it is Beech’s imagination that most impresses, his vision is at all times vivid and ably transferred onto the page. Not content to rely on stereotypes and the tried-and-tested fantasy formula he attempts, and succeeds, to stamp his own identity with an inventive, and rewarding story of bravery, mystery, friendship and betrayal.

It is imperative that The Ice Crown be read before The Silver Fox and ideally with as small a time elapse between the two as possible. The Silver Fox is a worthy successor to the Ice Crown and retains the aura of freshness and inventiveness instilled by its predecesor. The Silver Fox is a book that is fast-paced, very character-driven (its real strength), featuring new and exciting worlds and characters that will further captivate existing fans of The Lords of the Moon trilogy.

The Silver Fox
Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd (30 Aug 2010)
ISBN-10: 184963033X

Sean Beech was born in Elgin and brought up in Aberdeenshire. He left school at the age of sixteen to join the army where he initially trained as a Royal Engineer, then later as a nurse. Now training to be a primary school teacher he is married with three children and one grandson.

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Our interview with Sean Beech

Sean Beech served in Iraq with the British armed forces. Saddened and appalled by the reading standards of the young infantry soldiers, and in an attempt to show them that reading can be done for pleasure, he began the writin [...]

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Sean Beech's The Lords of the Moon series

The Ice Crown

The Lords of the Moon: Book 1

The Silver Fox

The Lords of the Moon: Book 2

The Silver Fox reader reviews

from Stromsey

Fanatstic, fantasy fiction of the highest order. I could not put this down. Had not read the first book so was a little puzzled at first but did not realise it was a follow on. Can you read them out of order? Well I have but will now read the first book before stating if it wise do to so. That apart the story is full of character driven action, suspense and more twists than an Alton Towers rollercoaster. If you like you action fast, if you like your characters to have character and life, if you enjoy escapism then this is for you. By the way the plot is not too shabby either.

from London

A wonderfully worthy follow one from the original. I would also add that it is evident straight away that this is the author's second book as I believe it is far better written than the original. Not that the original was badly written just that it was not as polished as it might have been. As to the story I love the imagery of the writer and the character driven plot. The idea ofhaving giants that can blend like chameleons into the background is truly awesome and I for one cannot wait for the conclusion to the story which will hopefully have these giants fighting the Dark Knights.

9.3/10 from 3 reviews

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