Crown: Volume 1 by Shinji Wada and You Higuri


Jake and Ren decide to go on their own as mercenaries, declining to renew their contract, while Jake is still in Ren's debt after a fixed poker game he will have to work doubly hard to get the cash back. Ren Rescues Mahiro from the clutches of an evil gang hell-bent on killing her, and even though she has no idea why, she has dreams of a kingdom with a prince and princess, their mother passed away after giving birth and the king chose a new queen, but she had her own agenda. She wanted the prince and princess out of the way of her ambitions so she had them assassinated, but the court attendants could not see this happen as they loved them so much as kids, and helped them escape. The brother was sent to become a soldier, and the sister was given to a new family. After that, they never saw each other again.

When Ren has finished the story, she realises the dream was real and Mahiro was the princess Chhiahkhanu and Rem was her brother the prince - the dream of flowers and a monastery were real after all and the place where they were from, was Regalia in central Asia. Their mother the queen has found out they are still alive and plans to take her, kill her and retrieve the pendant she wears round her neck. This is the reason why Ren has come to Japan to save her from them, and he will need all of his power to do it.

Back in Regalia, Lady Phoebula makes her plan to retrieve the jewel that has its own deep, dark history called 'the crown' for its bright white aura of light surrounding it, it is the only jewel that means a person could inherit the throne. The two mercenaries have to do all they can to protect their princess from the evil that wants to get rid of her once and for all.

You Higuri, the creator of Gorgeous Carat and Cantarella has teamed up with Shinji Wada the guy who brought readers Delinquent Girl Detective among others and is something of a pop culture icon in the East with fans. This is a fresh and new addition to You Higuri's works as she is known for her depiction of handsome men with huge eyes and perfectly coiffed hair. You is also known for her boy's love stories with Gakuen Heaven being one fan favourite.

Crown establishes itself from the moment it is read as a thriller thanks to Shinji Wada's weaving an extremely fun story full of thrills, chills and ranging emotions. The three main characters gel really well despite all the chaos surrounding them. This manga is wonderful, yet it could have been made more interesting as the boy's love in it was more suggested than seemingly real - some fans will not be satisfied with this hint at a romance. It is hoped in the next volume that the love blossoms more to keep the fans content. Shinji and You have created a great thriller between them that will appeal to both guys and girls alike. The artwork as usual is perfect and detailed.

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