Silver - Destiny by Steve Jensen

Rating 5.0/10
A good draft for an exciting story in an interesting world.

Wizards and magical creatures are just the beginning of his fantastic adventure as Sly, later called Silver, embarks on a journey of self-realization and growth through an unknown land.

Throughout his quest he meets old family and new friends who he comes to rely on and care for.

Silver is thrust into an unknown world and must overcome his fears, overcome his past, and overcome all odds to become the one... the one true Good Wizard King.

I started reading Silver-Destiny with great enthusiasm, the start promised me a good book, but unfortunately the book feels unfinished.

The idea behind the world and story is interesting and I felt the urge to keep reading to see how it would end, to see what would happen to the boy Silver in this world that he knew nothing about. But the whole time the unfinished feel bothered me.

There are typos and grammar mistakes, example: “I belive he was making his way down by the wharf tomorrow morning to sell some items to the fisherman like he always does this time of year,”.

There is also a tendency to repeat information and over explain the situation, at some points in the story I felt like I was reading a story for young children or a script for a cartoon.

Final impression…

A good draft for an exciting story in an interesting world, with vibrating characters and I would love to read it again in a refined version.

Steve Jensen is a writer and a creator. Not an inventor of material things, but a weaver of fantastic worlds, a deserter of reality, and a mind trickster. He lives with his wife, two daughters, and furry guinea pigs somewhere between the real world and a world contained only within the boundaries of your imagination.

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