Lord Calthorpe's Promise Volume 1 by Sylvia Andrew and Rin Ogata

9/10 Manga recreation of a Harlequin novel of romance and sensuality.

There is devastation in the family when Katherine learns of the news of her brother's death after a stint at the Battle of Waterloo. Unfortunately, her uncle's family have inherited the estate she would have had giving her nothing at all, no money, no nothing - she can only turn to Lord Calthorpe not realizing that it was her uncle who asked Adam Calthorpe to look after her in the first place.

Period dramas are what Harlequin are best at as part of Mills & Boon, but having period dramas turned into manga is a stroke of genius as both older teens and adults will enjoy the transition if they have an interest in manga and all things Japanese.

This is a story of unhappiness, betrayal and sorrow for Katherine, but when things start to turn around for her, no one can take away from her the fact she has a decent man in Lord Calthorpe who is trying to help her out at a difficult time in her life. As far as the story is concerned it is a fun and at times heart-warming one that has its roots deep in romantic novels and this one is to be enjoyed whether or not you are used to manga art as a rule - but if you have an interest in romance novels, this will be just as good as a graphic novel as reading a text novel. Yes, it's that good.

Rin Ogata is the manga artist for this first in the series of novels and creates the look of the lord in the portrait on the cover of the book itself. He is full of self-importance, and oozes sensuality, some might call him a cad. She has a way of perfectly showing the various expressions on the faces of the characters that can create some of the most amazingly realized scenes in this manga recreation of a Harlequin novel of romance and sensuality.

This is enjoyable, romantic and hits the reader right in the heart where it should be.

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