Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

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Rating 8.6/10
It is a great and refreshing fish tail

What made The Princess Diaries such a resounding hit is exactly what makes this new story of a mermaid’s quest for a human fiancé a must read series: the quirky, independent, kick-butt narrative complete with a widely used fish terminology of the heroine mermaid, Princess Waterlily.

Lily is living with her Aunt Rachel, on land, even though she is the Heir to the throne of Thalassinia – the underwater kingdom of the merpeople, so she can find the perfect mate among the humans. Of course Lily has it all figured out.

Her soulmate is the sublimely beefy Brody Bennett – swimming superstar. He is definitely the one! the one man who will rule Thalassinia by her side!

Now if only she can gather enough guts to ask him to the dance!

Fat chance! Especially since Lily has been ‘hanging out’ with Brody for a good three years of precious high school time and she still hasn’t got around to getting her hands on him. Supporting Lily in her endeavour is her best friend Shannen who has no idea that Lily is quite the big fish.

Lily’s plan almost works out on the day of the dance when her nemesis and big-pain-in-her-neck, bad boy Quince Fletcher promises her to help her get her man. Unfortunately, Quince decides to turn up instead of Brody and the mistaken kiss between him and Lily drives the girl mad and starts turning the quite puzzled Quince into a merboy!

The storyline is pretty predictable from that point onwards, but the sheer simplicity of the plot and the cheerful, happy-go-lucky narrative makes this a must read book. Tera Lynn Childs knows how to whip up something that is refreshing in an age where young adult fiction has taken a nosedive into the dark and dangerously depressing. The tricks Quince plays on Lily, or the way she gets all tongue-tied and stupid in front of Brody or the times Lily go through a certain sense of inner turmoil, unsure of what to do, unsure of which path to choose and are occasions that anyone can relate to. Yet Lily’s struggles come off humorously and at best leaves you feeling just a little sad.

Tera Lynn Childs has released this book at the opportune time. I couldn’t help but notice that a mermaid trend seems to have sprung up in the world of YA and it only makes me glad - Anything to rid us of the vampires, please! – And feel that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of the mermaids! I for one, cant wait to get my hands on the next book in her series, Fins are Forever. The first books ends on an unexpected note and I can feel the thrill of what might happen in book two! But if you are considering this book, then by all means go ahead and get it!

It is a great and refreshing ‘fish tail’ which leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy once you’re done reading.

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Forgive My Fins reader reviews

from Ancaster


I read this book and it's absolutely amazing :) I was hooked from the first page... I honestly could not put the book down!! If you love mermaids, magic(ish), love, and always wondering whats going to happen next... you will love this book!! I recommend it alot.

9.3/10 from 2 reviews

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