From Hell by Tim Marquitz (Demon Squad: A Novella)

9/10 This will provide a great fix while we wait for book six.

From Hell by Tim Marquitz is a novella set in his Demon Squad universe - a standalone prequel that can be read independently from the main series. It is from the perspective of main series protagonist Frank 'Triggaltheron' Trigg, but set in London during the late 1800's rather than modern day. Given that this is a standalone prequel I'll try not to spoil any of the main storyline, but I'm sure I'll make a few references here and there.

From Hell follows the half demon Frank, and his angelic cousin Scarlett, as they attempt to hunt down Jack the Ripper. It goes back to a time when Frank was much more primal, a time when Frank was much more in tune with his demon side, desperate to prove himself to his uncle Lucifer. What should be quiet and discrete take down becomes a noisy romp through the East End, and Frank becomes very aware that his opportunity to impress uncle Lou is dwindling fast.

Like the main series, this novella moves along at a fast pace, with cheeky action sequences full of all that gory detail that Marquitz loves to include. It is great to have Scarlett back too, she is one of my favourite characters from the main series and I always like her interactions with Frank.

One thing that readers of the main series will notice is that the Frank we get in From Hell is closer to Frank as we see him in Demon Squad #3 - At The Gates, not Demon Squad #1 - Armageddon Bound. It is an interesting dilemma because I really liked how raw Frank was in Armageddon Bound, but I am fonder of the Frank we get from At The Gates and onwards. I think Marquitz has made the right choice, but for readers who pick up the series after reading this novella first, just note that Frank will be a little different at least for one book.

The Demon Squad series has a lot in common with The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne, and the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey. If you have never read a Demon Squad book before, From Hell is a cheap and quick way to see if these are your types of books. If you love the Demon Squad series then this will provide a great fix while we wait for book six.

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