Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg by Tite Kubo

Rating 10.0/10
It is lots of fun, and ideal for those who have an interest in all the characters.

The reasons for this book come from manga artist and writer Tite Kubo being asked to provide a one page, one panel rough sketch of a part of Bleach he wasn’t able to work on at that time. The V. Jump editorial department liked it so much that Tite did more than just a rough sketch; he had enough material to make a book out of it.

Color Bleach acts as a wonderful companion to the original manga series like All Color But the Black, and Bleach: Souls Official Character Book.

There are sixty-six pages of full colour images guaranteed to make a fan of the series chuckle away in Waterstones even before they buy it. The colour pages have several separate comic panels, and some of my personal favourites are; Korean Barbecue at the Kurosaki’s, Chizuru’s Summer Homework, A Visit to the Omaeda Family, Rangiku’s Accurate Horoscope, and Ukitake’s Misfortune.

The black and white pages contain Complete Guide: Thirteen Court Guard Companies where there is a great deal of information on the various characters in the manga series. Learn about the mysterious Gin Ichimaru of Squad Three, his likes, dislikes and what makes him mad as hell, or former Captain Aizen, but don't expect any reveal of who he really is.

This book is full of more than information though, there is a personality quiz, fighting tips from a master, and an entrance exam that could get a potential candidate into the Thirteen Court Guards.

It is lots of fun, and ideal for those who have an interest in all the characters including Ganju Shiba and his pet boar, Bonny.

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