Come To Tea On Planet Zum Zee by Tony Mitton

Come to tea on Planet Zum-Zee brings outerspace to life for children.
Come To Tea On Planet Zum Zee book cover

With its vibrant front cover and fantastically entitled book, Come to Tea on Planet Zum-Zee oozes appeal to kids. Written by Tony Mitton, his unique writing style captures the imaginations of pre-schoolers and school children exploring the world of outer space.

As aliens descend on Planet Zum-Zee for a tea party each brings their own mouth watering dish. Every aliens arrival is announced with their spaceships landing – with ‘zangs’, ‘clangs’ and ‘buzz buzz buzzs’ ’’ Mitton imitates the sounds of the machines through words and sets a scene for a legendary tea party. As anticipation builds and the excitement increases so too does the rhythm of the story, and then it slows as one alien turns up with a dish that looks far from appealing.

With the tension mounting all the aliens look sceptical about eating his dish and disown the monster – which as an adult even brings a tear to your eye! Until, one alien tastes it and announces “This stuff is yummy! Just give it a try!...It’s gloppy, it’s gloppy but it tastes just great”. The tea party gets in full swing with the alien mummies joining the scene.

The vibrant pages and rich text make this book a real treat to read. Tony Mitton uses his trademark rhythmical style to engage with the audience, making for a fun and energetic read. This magical story also has a real visual impact with excellent illustrations from Guy Parker-Rees – the wacky looking aliens are just as you would imagine.

Hidden within this gem of a book is a great moral for children not to judge on appearances – the blue little alien is accepted once his dish is tasted and the other aliens apologise for so quickly discarding his food.

Come to tea on Planet Zum-Zee brings outerspace to life for children - with platefuls of funny food on the table it’s a party every child would love to be invited to.

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Come To Tea On Planet Zum Zee reader reviews

from Canada


This was a favorite of my kids for years. The rhyming and flow is catchy and fun. It was the first book my youngest learned to read/recite at age 3 and they both still recite lines from it and remember the lesson/moral today. We left it behind when we moved from Australia to Canada but wish we had held onto it!

from Bury ST Edmunds, Suffolk


This is an absolutely fantastic book, my favourite of all Tony Mitton's so far. iI love all the aliens and poor old monsters gloppy gloopy jelly; the words chosen are brilliant, they just roll off the tongue. We are on our second copy, the other got so worn and loved by our son. It was the first story I bought him aged two weeks and he has always loved hearing it; now almost 5 he is beginning to read the story to himself, so he gets to enjoy it on a whole new level. Lots of fun for the reader and those being read to, with lovely colourful pictures to explore; completely worth its pricetag and a great present idea.

from Wiltshire


This is a fantastic book which my class absolutely love. A great story, bright illustrations and catchy language. I would definately recommend it!

9.7/10 from 4 reviews

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