Angel of Vengeance by Trevor O Munson

Angel of Vengeance, is a book which inspired the TV show Moonlight, a TV show that to be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of.

Mick Angel is a detective and a Vampire, turned in the 1940’s, who spends his time taking revenge on the bad guys in the only way a Vampire can. He’s the Dexter Morgan of the un-dead if you like. This makes for some quite uncomfortable reading and was a bit too bleak for me at times. I’m not saying I like my Vampires to be all Emo and to sparkle, but I have to draw the line somewhere so this was really not for me. That’s not to take anything away from the book. It’s beautifully written, like a 50’s film noir movie, and is extremely descriptive throughout.

So, in short. Even though the book isn’t what I’d normally read it’s extremely well written, a book that both crime and horror fans would enjoy.

7/10 It's beautifully written, like a 50's film noir movie, and is extremely descriptive throughout.

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