Wizard of Arabah by Tristan Parrish (The Scrolls of Solomon Magus)

(6.8/10) A journey of spiritual, sexual and intellectual discovery.

Wizard of Arabah is the first published novel by Tristan Parrish. It is a tale of historical fantasy and the first chapter in The Scrolls of Solomon Magus – the life and times of a Wizard of Arabah series.

Shipwrecked and orphaned on an island as a boy, Solomon the Strange becomes apprenticed to Namada Magus, a sorceress who teaches him not only the arts of magic, but also the arts of love. As a young man in his twenties, he leaves the island and experiences both supernatural and amorous adventures in his quest to understand his world and its people.

Wizard of Arabah is a coming of age story that charts the life of Solomon the Strange from birth until his twenties. This is the type of book that I really enjoy, when you follow a character from their birth and childhood up until their adulthood then you really become attached to the character. Magician, Wizard of Earthsea, Harry Potter, The Spook's Apprentice, they all do this, and do it well.

What makes Arabah different from the aforementioned titles is that it deals with far more adult issues - in particular the sexual awakenings that occur during teenage years. You could say that this is like Ursula Le Guin with added spice.

“That first, intimate touch of a woman's hand upon me ignited once again those strange and yet exciting sensations I experienced whenever I gazed on the pages of the book of Bliss.”
Wizard of Arabah: Chapter 9

The narrative is well written and the characters well realised, the book's inspiration to be found in Hindu mythology. Solomon Magus is a likeable and highly sexed lead whose journey is one of spiritual, sexual and intellectual discovery. The settings are well described, particularly the island of Ithamar where Solomon meets Narmada and begins his training.

I would recommend The Wizard of Arabah for those looking for a bit more in their fantasy novels.

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Tristan Parrish's The Scrolls of Solomon Magus series

Wizard of Arabah

The Scrolls of Solomon Magus

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