The Cornish Adventures of Robert the Rabbit by Veronica Holdgate


The Cornish Adventures of Robert the Rabbit is the first literary offering from Veronica Holgate and was born out of her desire to entertain her five grandchildren and inspired by the love of her home since 1990, Cornwall.

Offering eight stories, which are embellished with Holdgate's own illustrations of Robert and his family and friends, the book's simple structure lends itself to being a book to be read to children, either at bedtime or a shared cuddle and story time.

Each story involving Robert and his friends Josh and the cheeky Duck offers a lesson or moral for the child whilst being set into the sort of everyday adventure that children get up to.

This book is the first volume of Robert the Rabbit's adventures and a second book 'Further Adventures of Robert the Rabbit' is currently in progress.

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The Cornish Adventures of Robert the Rabbit reader reviews

from Helston

What a beautiful childrens book. It gave me great pleasure reading this book out loud to my friends children, who are 6years and 8years old. It has a great charm to it and we are all looking forward to reading the next one in this series. I would recommend anyone to read this book to their children. It also made my gran laugh.

7/10 from 2 reviews

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