For More Than Glory by William C Dietz (Legion of the Damned #5)

While everyone has got over the previous battle, the Legion of the Damned has to quash another brewing in LaNor light years away. Tony Santana is stationed there along with his men. And as a legion lieutenant, he experiences what it is like to stay in a place where the legion aren't appreciated, even though Santana has to investigate the ones who could destroy the confederation.

LaNor is the sort of planet where no one would want to be stationed as those who are get forgotten about, their transport is rusting and run-down called "appropriate civilian transportation," the Rim Queen has nothing much to offer, and those who ride in it are amazed it can complete a hyperspace jump. Haldathans, LaNorians and other species co-exist there and Santana's only enjoyment is from bed mate Molly Cass who more than fulfils her purpose in this novel. She is there in the worst and darkest of times when Santana feels he can't make a difference as part of the legion, and when only one person appreciates him, he can't let her down either.

For More Than Glory is a novel that is inspired by the Boxer Rebellion during the time of 1900, when China was under a drastic transition during the reign of Empress Tzu Hsi. Characters in this novel are also based on some real people who were a part of the rebellion and those who previously had control of the people through the empress. While the Empress Shi Huu rules from her palace, she doesn't see what happens in the real world and only receives information and pictures from her informants. Despite their cruelty, these men are the ones who work on her behalf.

Mystery, intrigue and science fiction are the ingredients for a rather historical look at Dietz’s legion members. In many ways as we have never seen them before, through their eyes and their experiences of what it is like to be seen as the enemy while the enemy quietly plots humanity’s downfall. I won’t mention whether Santana has everyone’s best interests at heart, only that he is trying to make LaNor a better place. This planet isn’t what it seems from the start and Dietz uses his knowledge of hundred year old history and puts it in the right context so that we see what might be a possibility in the future.

8/10 Mystery, intrigue and science fiction are the ingredients for a rather historical look at Dietzís le

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