An interview with Avril Sabine

Avril Sabine is an Australian fiction writer who lives with her family on acreage in South East Queensland. She writes mostly young adult speculative fiction, but has been known to dabble in other genres. Stone Warrior, a young adult urban fantasy has just been released and we thought it a good time to catch up with Avril to discuss her influences and inspirations.

Which book do you own that puts a smile on your face and makes you happy just by holding it in your hand?

It is actually a series of books that was bought by my grandfather when he found out his wife was pregnant with their first child, my father. It is called ‘The World Of Children’ and is a four volume set of books with gold writing and an embossed image on the front. My father gave them to me when I was a child. He told me that if I didn’t know the answer to something then there was a good chance that I could find it out in a book. So when I hold one of those books in my hands, I think of being born into a family that buys books for a child before they’re even born and the advice my father gave me. There is so much that can be learned by reading books.

Which book or series do you read that makes you feel nostalgic, remembering the period in your life you first read it?

Every book I read holds memories for me. It is like each book soaks in the environment I read it in. So I can’t pick up any book and read it again without recalling the first time I read it. Some of those memories are good, some bad. But all of them are memories I cherish. There is probably a book, or in some cases several books, for each occasion in my life. As I start to read a book again, the memories come back with the words. Twined amongst each other. Memories of the story and memories of that time in my life. Like two inseparable vines.

Which book or series do you read that makes your blood pump and your palms sweaty?

It is so hard to choose just one. Actually, that’s the phrase I tend to utter when I enter a bookstore and considering the overcrowding in my bookcases, I seriously do have a problem choosing only one. There are so many books that make my heart race. Horror, mystery, action, thriller to name a few. Those books that draw you into the story so you’re right there alongside the characters, wanting them to survive, wanting them to make it through each situation they face. I guess the only thing to do is randomly choose books from my bookcase until I pull out one that fits the bill. And the winner is... Tithe by Holly Black. I couldn’t put the book down the first time I read it. I was there with the main character, discovering everything as she did. Loving the twists, my heart in my throat whenever she faced danger. Commiserating with her when things looked bleak, cheering her on when she tried to figure her way through the plots and deceits that surrounded her.

Which book or series do you think you could implant one of your own characters from Stone Warrior into? And would you want them to thrive and integrate, or would you want them to burn it all down?

Only one character? Corrin, Sydney, Shawn and Chelsea all make such a great team that I’d want them to infiltrate another book together. To go on yet another adventure with each other. Maybe this time in a fantasy world. Although there are so many great worlds to choose from. Do I have to stick with only one choice there too? No wonder I write in so many different genres. One of the few worlds I wouldn’t choose is Westeros. I’m afraid I like my characters far too much to send them there and risk nearly certain death. So maybe Tortall or Discworld instead. Both are very interesting words with lots going on in them. And I’m sure Discworld could handle a few more tourists by now.

Is there a particular author that leaves you thinking: "One day I would like to be able to write just like that?"

There are so many authors I think that about, but for  different reasons. I’d love to write characters as compelling as G.R.R. Martin (but preferably not kill them all off), create fantastical worlds like Anne McCaffrey, draw readers in like Terry Pratchett and make it hard for a reader to put a book down like Scott Westerfeld. There are so many other authors that I admire for various reasons, but that would take a book in itself to tell.

Thank you Avril. You can find more information at her website where you can also sign up for her newsletter to be kept informed about new releases, current projects, blog posts and exclusive news. You can also find Avril on Goodreads ( and Facebook (

Stone Warrior, a young adult urban fantasy is available on Amazon, as are her other books.

Seventeen-year-old Sydney and her parents have finally found something major they can’t agree on. Hell will freeze over before they let her date Shawn. Sydney is not going to let that stop her. Even when her plans go astray and she accidentally frees Corrin, a Celtic warrior, from his stone imprisonment, she is still determined. Her and Shawn are destined for each other. Parents, ancient warriors and evil spirits will not keep them apart. Sydney and Shawn forever.