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And I Darken by Kiersten White (The Conqueror’s Trilogy)

If you’re an Arya Stark junky yearning for a feisty heroine to fill the gaps between the next Martin novel and the Game of Thrones TV show, then look no further because And I Darken is the answer to your prayers!Vlad Tepes is vovoide (military governor) of Wallachia, a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. He has three children: Mirce...


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The Council of Blades by Paul Kidd (Forgotten Realms: The Nobles)

Council of Blades is a novel aimed at devotees of the Dungeons and Dragon fantasy role-playing game and the story is set in one of the game’s shared worlds – the Forgotten Realms.Sumbria is a city state, one of the Blade Kingdom’s many city states, a military society modelled on early renaissance Italy. So is Colletro. T...


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Travelers Rest by Keith Lee Morris

There’s something magical and mysterious about fog, which is why Victorian era murder mystery stories and films, especially those dealing with serial killers and the supernatural, are nearly always set against the backdrop of a city shrouded in fog, creating an atmosphere and tone both spooky and menacing. Similarly, there is something mag...


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A Few Words for the Dead by Guy Adams (The Clown Service)

A Few Words for the Dead is the third book in Guy Adams’ Clown Service series focusing on the work of Section 37, the branch of the British Secret Service responsible for protecting Britain and the world from supernatural threats. If The Clown Service was Toby’s book, and The Rain-Soaked Bride a more communal affair, A Few Words for ...


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Beneath an Opal Moon by Eric Van Lustbader (Sunset Warrior Cycle)

This is the fourth book in Eric Van Lustbader's Sunset Warrior Cycle and with it we return to the fantastic world of the Sunset Warrior, a place of exotic sword and sorcery action.The story's protagonist, Moichi-Annai-Nin, a navigator and 'blood brother' to the Sunset Warrior, is cooling his heels in the wondrously chaotic...


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The Clown Service by Guy Adams (The Clown Service)

Toby Greene has cocked up one too many times in the eyes of his section chief, a man with a surly disposition and a healthy dislike of our hero. Toby is therefore transferred to the department within the British Secret Service, dubbed the Circus, where all doomed agents are consigned to die - section 37. This is the department which deals with s...


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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

The year is 2045 and life in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, resembles scenes from every Hollywood sci-fi, dystopian flick you’ve ever seen. Chrome and glass skyscrapers soar into the heavens towering over buildings as grey and miserable as the dystopian, Bladerunner-esque weather. Society is high tech with glowing neon everywhere. Orphaned 18-ye...


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Anno Dracula by Kim Newman (Anno Dracula series)

Anno Dracula is set in an alternative Victorian London where Dracula has become the consort of Queen Victoria and as such vampires are members of society. Charles Beauregard, an agent of the Diogenes Club, and Geneviève Dieudonné, an elder and very powerful vampire, are the protagonists who are thrown together while investigating t...


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