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The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time)

In preparation for A Memory of Light coming out in early 2013, and to fill a notable gap in our review library, I have been rereading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. A lot of time has passed since I first read these books, my teenage self placing them on the highest pedestal, and rereading the first two books really shattered the illu...


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Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time)

The penultimate book of one of the greatest fantasy series ever sees Sanderson and Jordan hit the nail right on the head. The Towers of Midnight brings much-needed motion back to the Wheel of Time.I've loved these books from the very beginning and have never thought twice about picking one up but have to admit that there was clearly a...


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The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time)

This majority book was originally intended to be part of book 1, however Jordan soon realized how huge the novel would have been, he found a good place to split the novels. The story starts a month or so after the event of the Eye of the World. Rand has his first encounter with the Amyrlin Seat and all manner of fun ensues.Padan Fain lead...


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Lost in Plain Sight by David Gerard

The story centralises around Anthony, whose life is flipped upside down at the tragic loss of his wife, the trauma of her death triggers his first out-of-body experience, setting-off paranormal episodes and hallucinations. Lead by Maxim, Anthony spirit guide, the story follows Anthony as he begins to remember and learn how to navigate the Astral...


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