Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time: Book 13)

10/10 A must read for all Wheel of Time fans, indeed for all who love fantasy.

The penultimate book of one of the greatest fantasy series ever sees Sanderson and Jordan hit the nail right on the head. The Towers of Midnight brings much-needed motion back to the Wheel of Time.

I've loved these books from the very beginning and have never thought twice about picking one up but have to admit that there was clearly a lack of spark during the middle part of the series. Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan have, in the Towers of Midnight, brought back that sense of urgency and the book feels all more alive for it. The threads begin weaving back together, the story lines are cleared up and the anticipation for the Last Battle heightens even further.

Sanderson has done a wonderful job in stepping up to plate and filling the big man’s shoes. The writing flows wonderfully but I still feel, however, that Jordan’s female characters are sometimes lacking. Many seem to me to be copies of each another and too shallow in their ideals. Elayne’s personality has certainly changed for me in this boo. I don’t know if it was due to her pregnancy or the need for her character to develop to drive her storyline along but thankfully, throughout the book, Elayne becomes less annoying (she’s one of my least favourite characters in the story).

The personal highlight of the book for me was that Perrin was once again the main agonist. So, Perrin fans of the world rejoice!

I apologise for the vague overview but this book is a must read for all Wheel of Time fans, indeed for all who love fantasy, but I’m not going to be the one to spoil the ride for you. A word of warning though!! DON’T read the glossary until the end, it contains a spoiler.

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