Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

Rating 8.5/10
A fast-paced adventure starring the feline Harry Potter.


Into the Wild is the first book in the popular Warrior Cars series. The four Clans have shared the forest for generations but ThunderClan’s territory is in danger as the sinister and mysterious ShadowClan grows stronger each day. Enter Rusty, a domestic house cat who may turn out to be the greatest warrior of them all.

Into the Wild is a pleasant, easy read containing a strong central character ably surrounded by strong elder figures and good friends. The book contains an excellent list of characters and maps that make it easy to get up to speed with the world in which the cats live.

Into the Wild did occasionally remind me of the Harry Potter books, both in writing style and content. Rusty forms a firm friendship with an apprentice (warrior in training, more than six months old) called Greypaw, a longhaired solid grey tom. Greypaw adds the laughter to what is, when you really think about it, a rather gritty story. This friendship reminded me strongly of Harry on Ron when they first met in the Philosopher’s Stone. Cats such as Bluestar and Yellowfang form the older authority figures. These two characters reminded me of Dumbledore and Snape (though not too closely).

Rusty looked at Smudge. His black and white friend had never shown any interest in venturing into the woods. He was perfectly content living with house folk. He would never understand the restless longing that Rusty’s dreams stirred in him night after night.

From: Into the Wild - Chapter: 3

The pace of Into the Wild is very quick, always moving and never getting bogged down. Erin Hunter does not spare the reader from the grim realities of living in the wild, the eating habits are grisly and death is a prospect that the cats face every single day of their existence. I liked the way the book was able to give you that stomach-churning feeling when somebody is doing something that they really shouldn’t be doing and are going to be caught at any moment. I think this is a really important element to have in young adults book and this is a feeling that all can relate too.

The author also touches upon the effect that humans, or Twolegs as they are called here, are having upon the environment in which wild animals live. I liked the way in which this was done, facts were stated but there was never a sense of the preaching that some authors are guilty of, Erin Hunter never speaks down to the reader. A great deal of research has obviously gone into making the cats and their environment as realistic as possible and this really shows in Into the Wild.

They arrived at the Thunderpath and halted. Several monsters roared by, throwing up fountains of dirty water. The two cats hung back from the edge of the wide, grey track until there was a gap. Then they raced across the path and into ShadowClan territory.

From: Into the Wild - Chapter: 22

This book is aimed at the young adult age-group and everything the could possible want from a book is there for them, a young hero taken from their comfortable surroundings and having to adapt to a new way of life, the solid friend, the elders deserving respect and most of all constant excitement and adventure.

Any young adult that loves reading and loves cats will love this book, a fast-paced adventure starring the feline Harry Potter.

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Into the Wild reader reviews

from Kentucky, USA


This is an AWESOME book, I really like it. One of my friends encouraged me to read it and I LOVE the whole series.

from America


An amazing read! I read this in the 5th grade and was instantly hooked. There is good characters, plot, and all of that. It’s a great way to start off the series for sure!

from Melbourne, Australia


Tigerclaw is bad.

from the Milky Way Galaxy


It's okay. 0-0. Picked this book up when I was seven and was instantly hooked. ( I DON'T recommend this ppl under 9-year olds, though. It's violent and will give any 9-year olds nightmares.)

from UK


The book is great read! The life of a wild cat is portrayed excellently and the main character is made to be relatable and perfect as the reader enters the world blind like him. We learn all about the Clans with the main character and honestly the further you read the more intrigued in the story you get! I most definitely recommend.

from England



from Canada


These are my favourite books! I love them, but a little violent, but after you get used to it's okay.

from England


An amazing start to the series , I am on the fourth book and I have noticed that the tension gets better and better. I really suggest buying this book and it's a great read for those who are between the ages of 10 and 16. Keep Reading 😺

from Califorina



from Florida


I am already in Omen of the Stars and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Warrior Cats series. I am playing several RPGs and so far my fav book in Warriors is... (drum roll please) INTO THE WILD!!! *PS, I recommend the website if you are a WARRIOR CATS FAN!!!*

from Arizona


I am into the second book and it already is awesome i cant stop reading!!! "MEOW"

from USA



from California


This book is so amazing and even though I have finished the series I still can't stop reading them over and over!!! Any one who hasn't read this book you HAVE to go to the library and check it out!!!

from Indiana


BEST BOOK EVER!!!! :) I'm loving it so far xD

from England


Moooooooooooooooo I

from San Diego


"MMEEOOWW!!" mewed Gabestar

from ThunderClan


THIS. IS. THE. BEST. SERIES. EVER! I've read every single one in the series that's come out and now I'm waiting for the next one! I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone. When you start, you can't stop! The first 'sub-series' is kinda light-hearted, but the books get more serious... LOVE IT! PS. Erin Hunter is actually four people writing!

from Washington



from Rohan!! (LOTR lova!) :)


Good. But now it seems boring, I guess cause it is, well, the series has like 40 books and is very repetitive.

from Thailand


When I was young, like 13, I loved these series... But later on, like now, it becomes quite boring. I'm not saying that it's not a good book; it's just that when you get older, it's not realistic enough. If you're going to read it, finish the series before your heart cools down from excitement. I waited too long to read another, then another. BUT it's still a great book. Hope you enjoy it.

from Georgia


It was amazing, with lots of unique chracters and plot twists to keep the story moving. I've gotten several other people interested, and I've not yet finished with them.

from England


This book is the first in the Warrior Cats series and let me tell u this it is the most fabulous book series I have ever read!!!!! EAT DUST HARRY POTTER!!!!

from Marrion


I love Warriors, it is so cool!

from Lewiston, ID


Warriors rocks!!!! Go Erin Hunter! She has inspired me a whole lot! I love cats now!!!!!!!!!!!

from Fall branch


A great book that anyone will love. I can't stop reading them. If I can't find anything to do I pick up a "Warriors" book and start reading. Erin Hunter makes the cats come to life and act out a daily life that you might not think a cat would do. Anyone who loves to read "Harry Potter" will love to read "Warriors".

from Woodstock


I liked this book because it was never boring and didn't worship humans. It was about cats, from a cats point of view, and a book for cat lovers. The cats don't look up to humans and don't depend on them for food. They hunt for the clan and fight to defend it.

from Perth


Warriors are my favourite books; a thrilling series that will keep you turning pages until the very end. Absolutely fantastic!!! Great characters and original storyline! Loved it!!!

from New York


Into the Wild... Love it!

9.7/10 from 29 reviews

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