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2010 saw the release of Alex Bell's Lex Trent Versus The Gods, the first book in a planned trilogy and it was an enormous amount of fun to read. Full of griffins, fairy godmothers, witches, wizards and enchanted ships and with an enigmatic and mischievous lead in Lex, it was a refreshing take on a winning formula. 2011 sees the release of the second book in the series, Lex Trent Fighting with Fire and we take a look to see if it can provide the same thrills and excitement as its predecessor.

Lex Trent is the reigning champion of The Games and can't resist the challenge of defending his title. The final round will take place in the Wild West, allowing Lex the chance to claim the legendary Sword of Life. With Lex's mix of skill, quick-wittedness (and with Lady Luck on his side) surely he can't lose... 

The first thing that you notice about Alex Bell's Lex Trent books is that they are very well written, cleverly utilising humour and instantly involving. In my review of Lex Trent Versus the Gods I mentioned that fans of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books and Stewart and Riddell's Edge Chronicles would really enjoy these books. This still stands true but I now think that Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series and Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy may be better comparisons.

No time is wasted on unnecessary exposition or characterisation and it is all-action from page 1. There is a certain Indiana Jones, Saturday-matinee feel to this series, as its primary goal appears to be to provide fun without ever taking itself too seriously. These are books that I will keep on my bookshelf for the time when my own children are old enough to read them.

Are you are looking for a thrill a minute fantasy adventure that entertains first and foremost? Then Lex Trent is your man. Highly recommended for older children and young adults. Oh, probably best to read Lex Trent Versus The Gods first though!

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Lex Trent Versus the Gods
Lex Trent series: Book 1

Cheats never prosper. At least that’s what everyone else would have you believe. But Lex Trent knows better. Lex knows that, with a bit of luck, the quickest route to [...]

Lex Trent Fighting With Fire
Lex Trent series: Book 2

Lex Trent is the reigning champion of The Games and can't resist the challenge of defending his title. The final round will take place in the Wild West, allowing Lex th [...]


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