Eragon by Christopher Paolini (The Inheritance Cycle: Book 1)

7/10 Entertaining and enjoyable but unfortunately repetitive and unoriginal.

When Eragon, a young farm-boy, discovers a polished stone in the forest his first thoughts are of selling it to feed his family. The stone turns out to be the home of a dragon hatchling and as Eragon secret ely raises it evil forces descend upon his family and he is thrown into a world of magic and power with only an ancient sword and a fledgling dragon to help him.

Eragon is a remarkable achievement by Christopher Paolini especially when you take in consideration the tender age at which he wrote the novel. It is a tale that contains beauty and friendship, told by a young author who believes fully in the world that he has created.

On the plus side, Eragon is enjoyable, entertaining and a book that will appeal to young adults around the world. However, on the negative side, there is a distinct lack of originality and if you were being kind you might say that Paolini was paying homage to Tolkien and Star Wars rather than simply re-writing them.

There is a surprising amount of violence in Eragon, seeing as it is a book aimed at young adults and the story can get somewhat repetitive (Paolini is a fan of David Eddings after all) and you will struggle to find anything in Eragon that you have not read elsewhere.

In summary, entertaining and enjoyable but unfortunately repetitive and unoriginal.

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Eragon reader reviews

from UK

10 on 10 would recommend. It doesn't seem original at first but the last book makes you realise just how much extensively he has bulit his world. My favourite part has to be the fact that Eragon is not good looking and is embarrassed of his true name, he's the most far away from a Mary Sue than I've ever read and I looooove that.

from Alagaesia

“The dragon was no longer than his forearm, yet it was dignified and noble at the same time.” Eragon is an excellent way to start The Inheritance Cycle. Christopher Paolini has set the bar high, being only 15 years old at the time of publication (2002)! The other books in The Inheritance Cycle are Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. In this book, you’ll find that, like most high fantasy books, Eragon started as a poor farm boy, and after some fortune, becomes a famous person, responsible for multiple great accomplishments. The author did a great job naming and developing his characters, and cities. He also keeps this book interesting, considering the main goal never changes in this 509 page book. Though this is a great book, time didn’t move fast enough for the pace of the book. It seemed as if something happened, mostly bad, every day. This book would be most enjoyed by younger teens and adults, who have the best imaginations. That is not to say it wouldn't be enjoyed by all, but you have to have an appreciation for magic, mystery, and battle. I would give this book a 9-out-of-10 star-rating, because there are some parts that are boring, like Eragon’s travel through the Hadarac Desert, but otherwise this is an amazing book.

from United Kingdom

This is one of my all time favorite fantasy book series. I watched the film when I was younger and really liked it. I never really understood why so many people seemed to think the movie was bad. However after reading this series, i can now say that TOTALLY GET IT. Compared to the book series the movie feels like slap dash, very rough attempt to capture the magic of The Inheritance Cycle. From the very first few chapters I was hooked. I also love the the way the world slowly expands each book. I particularly like the attention to detail the author took when designing and describing the many differences between the various races introduced throughout the series. Overall I have very little (if any) criticisms about this book series. The action scenes are written really well, along with the character development (in particular Roran) which is simply exquisite. If I was forced to name my one slight gripe with the series, it wold be that the ultimate showdown against Galbatorix (main bad guy) seemed somewhat anti-climatic. However in conclusion i feel no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this series to fantasy lovers the world over!!!

from Italy

Honestly, hands down this book just blew my mind.

from USA

Good book. Y'all are dumb if you think it copied another book, he wrote this when he was like 18 and created an entire language for it. Get your facts straight. Bottom line: Good book!

from India

I really love this book I was in class seven when I was introduced to it. I really never liked to read books to be truthful. But when I saw my friend reading a thick 500 pages book I got curious. It was really hard for me to concentrate and read it but when I did start reading it I just got hooked. I had finished the whole series by one month. I was shocked to realise that I had actually finished the whole series. I don't know about it being a copy or not!! It was really the book which has made me a bookworm now. I love him work and am waiting for more.

from America

I loved this book so much I reread it! I love the entire series and the fantasy yet realistic play on things!

from India

Okay so if anybody says "this book is a is not original"then i say somethings you like which were copies and speak simply just because others gave the same review. The harry potter books had the story about witches in them which was also in Philip Pullman's dark materials which came 2 years ago H.P. Dan Brown himself said that he copied some information from books about cryptography and other things. Rick Riordan's kane chronicles had somethings called 'true name'which was there in inheritance cycle which came 6 years before kane chronicles came. First criticise these which 30-60years old wrote and then come to speak about 15 years old.I'm also 15 years oldšŸ˜‰

from Australian

I read this book when I was 13 after watching that awful movie they bloody made ha ha. And I loved it!!! For CP to be 15 years old when he wrote this book is amazing.


Such a great book with suspense and creative new ideas! I 100% think that everyone should give it a try (if you like long books). Also the 2nd book is better than the 1st book, no offense...

from USA

It was a good series, but people keep knocking it down for "copying" other stories. I see it as he had his own ideas and took INSPIRATION from previously successful stories, then combined them into something good.

from India

It is a beautiful book with ORIGINALITY. It explores the story of a young boy who overnight at the discovery of an egg, becomes the only chance of freedom from the tyranny of the evil king Galbatorix. the Egg which happens to be a dragon's egg who chooses him to be her rider. The story shows the transition of a carefree boy to a conscientious man.

from Nekoland

Great wit, but can be slow at some times.

from United States

Eragon, is a new take on the classic ideals. I loved this book and is very good for someone who wrote so young. It is a fun fantasy novel and a great start for young readers looking for a good fantasy novel. If you love magic, dragons, and monsters this is the book for you.

from United States

I overall like Eragon a lot. Could it use some touch ups? Yes, but it;s not coppying Tolkien's books exactly and it had many flaws. But to me as a 11 year old I personally enjoyed this book. And it's not because I'm 11 and I like any thing to do with fantasy. I just pesonally really like it. But compared to LotR by Tolkien it is nothing but still I see myself reading Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance multiple times.

from Good

People are accusing Paolini of plagiarism when he really hasn't copied Tolkiens plot exactly but has just used the same sort of fantasy.

from USA

I hear a lot about plagiarism, Star Wars, LOTR, etc. I have seen and enjoyed Star Wars, as well as the Lord of The Rings Series and The Hobbit. Say what you might, I like this better. There I said it, and I'm 28 years old and have read many, many books. The story is gripping and enjoyable, I couldn't drop the book down while I read it. Many nights I stayed up late and regretted it in the morning, but it was well worth it. And now, I'm gonna say something that will piss many people off, perhaps including Paolini himself. 'A New Hope' was a joke of a movie, and only became popular because the effects were way ahead of their time. Leia's character was absolutely boring, the only characters that are truly enjoyable in that series were the robots and Han. There, I said it. Christopher Paolini, now that you're no longer a teenager, and people won't be blabbering about 'good for a teenager,' will you please write another fantasy series that we can devour? You probably are already, because it would be such a waste of a talent if you aren't. Cheers.

from United States

Loved this book! It is a great read for anyone who enjoys fantasy. The characters are very well developed with likable and multi-dimensional personalities. Also the slight romance is very well-done. It is an amazing piece of work for a teenager. I would also highly recommend book 1 of The Coming Crown, Some Must Fall. If you enjoy Eragon, you'll enjoy that too! (Also written by a teenager funnily enough) It also has a cool website:

from Australia

I really enjoy this book. I've read this book probably 3 times and I enjoy it every time. I first read this book when I was 14 and it is still one of my all time favorite books. While its obvious where the author drew inspiration from I still find it a good read and would recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels with dragons. I have read a lot of reviews saying how childish some aspects of this book are but keep in mind the first book (Eragon) was released in 2002 when Christopher Paolini was only 17, pretty good job for a teenager. Side note for those deciding between this and the movie, the movie was not done very well and had some rather important aspects of the story removed so keep that in mind. read the book first and then watch the movie if you really want to, best part of the movie to me was the character design and animation for Saphira.

from USA

I loved it, it is my favorite book and will always be my favorite book.

from Florida

Best book ever.

from America

As a kid this was my favorite series. It helped me get into bigger better written fantasy novels. The things I see alot of people here complain about are the lack of originality and its childish writing style. The originality is not a big deal. Other popular books like Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games are unoriginal yet they are popular. The lack of originality comes from these authors building new works within the same genres, of course they will be similar. Paolini's age can explain the writing style, he was a teenager when he began writing this series. The book was meant for people who were his age, not some older crowd who reads mature novels all the time. Like I said, the book helped me get into better novels as a kid, thats really what it is meant to be. All I see here is adults complaining that a children's books does not appeal to them.

from Arart

It is the best book I have ever read.

from UK

Awesome and amazing book, can't wait to read it again!!! <3 dragons!!!

from WA

This book was nice. I thought it had some stolen ideas but was very absorbing. Book 2 was a bit better, as was book 3, and I'm not sure for book 4...

from Minnesota

Great book, loved it since the start. And a lot of people are knocking it because "it's not original". Here is a question. so what? There are billions of books out there for every type you can think of. There is going to be over laps from other books but look out there and tell some stranger the book their reading is not a original. They will say the same exact thing, so what? You read a book because you want to, not for the originality of it.

from Pakistan

It is actually really weird for people to be comparing that it has similarities with other books - the thing is - SO WHAT? Guys grow up - you read something, you get influenced by it, you write and pretty soon you start getting more ideas - the thing is he was very young when he wrote it- shows great potential - second let's wait for him to write something else and then judge him - why on just one book or series would you want to discard him JUST BECAUSE he seems similar to other books - give it a chance - give HIM a chance - the book is amazing by the way - and I loved it because it was a whole story - look past it and see and learn to enjoy what you read - yes you might not like it but others do - ahhhh even HP series people still debate its a kiddish story; only those who have read it know it isn't - so give the writers/authors a break! =) Oh yeah the movie - although it is good in a way but to say its actually a live action of the book- Yes, I'm not happy with that - the book is better.

from New York

I don't understand why there's so much hate towards Paolini. I really, really love his series on a deep level. If you are looking at this page to see if you should read his books, please at least just give it a try. There are a lot of people with a lot of anger towards a lot of things in this world who just want to give everything a bad reputation, so ignore them and take a look at the first book.

from Canada

I think Eragon was very well written but at some points it just got boring and I feel like some of the fighting might have been too descriptive and a lot of times it got really exciting but a few pages later it was just boring but other than that I LOVE Eragon and the author Christopher Paolini.

from Australia

Excellent book with a gripping plot, if somewhat unoriginal at times. I couldn't put this down!

from England

A nice enough series for teenagers, but frankly I am dissapointed with the blatent copying of Tolkien. Whilst a good story with enjoyable characters, there is a lack of plotlines and the ending of the series leaves holes big enough to poke a dragon through. It also leaves dozens of loose ends that left me most unsatisfied. If you are 13-14 or younger read this, if slightly older, and want a good read, try the Malazan Book Of the Falllen, a Song of Ice and Fire or Lord Of The Rings - THESE BOOKS ARE FAR SUPERIOR!

from From

Best series I have ever had the pleasure to read. I've read it eight times. I think he uses beautiful language and don't get how people can criticize his writing. I recommend it to anyone.

from Spain

I think christopher paolini wrote a great book. At times it got boring though

from US

Great fantasy but needs more er er stuff.

from India

Hey it is the 1st novel U read completely and as I am 18 and a junior artist writing my own songs Eragon helped me to rectify a few things in my debut novel, The World In Me. It is under rectification and I hope soon it will be released. Anyways thanks a lot to Christopher.

from Australia

Lastly they also completely hammered the movie... They destroyed the whole series with one movie... great work Only once was Roran introduced in the movie and it was because he was being hunted and being forcibly recruitied into Galbortorix's army... I'm not sure what the director was reading but it seemed that he wrote a whole new book but kept the plot, conflict and solution. I was also disappointed with the actors for: Arya - she was too happy and too human, definately not an elf. In the first novel she was always on edge and depressed. Galbortorix - I don't like how he was shown in the first movie, a lot of creativity was formed until the last book when you at last get to visualize him, until then his mysteriousness was good. Eragon - he was alrite, Brom and Murtagh were by far the best. I read Eragon before I saw the movie and he appeared just as I visualized him. Murtagh actor was also good, his darkness was evident, unlike Arya's representation of her character. Also.... where was Katrina in the movie...

from Australia

I don't appreciate people commenting on this site about how bad these novels were. I've read the Inheritance Cycle for the 5th time and I'm only now picking up hidden details throughout the book. Seriously Paolini's age at the time he started the books is impressing, but neither is it original. Most people confuse Tolkien's work with the fantasy genre itself. No one can define a genre from a single book alone. Sure Tolkien's books were great but I love how Paolini strived on differentiating his work from most any fantasy novel. Also to those who question the series for being original, what pieces have you created? I don't understand how people can judge Paolini for being original or copying another book when the accuser has written no more then a 800 word synopsis on a book. I think it's a good book and I admire how creative Paolini was, especially with the ancient language, elves customs and greetings and the overall history of Alagaesia. Good work to Paolini and I'd like to see more from him, also curious to see if he can manage a different genre. Also Murtagh is my favorite character, love his twisted character and if not for him Galbortorix would never had died and lost his wards, but I've always been questioning how Murtagh discovered the name of the ancient language o.0

from USA

This book is a book that everyone should read.

from Australia

The Inheritance Series has put Christopher Paolini high up on my list of authors- which inclues Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, J R R Tolkien, J K Rowling, Rick Riordan, Shakespeare and Jane Austen, to name a few. As many say, every story is a retelling- of life. They all have similar elements in some way- it isn't plagiarism. Christopher Paolini is highly original, has a wonderful voice and authentic emotion.

from USA

Eragon rocks. Dragons are really cool. I really like this book.

from New Zealand

Eragon is an amazing book. I read it when I was fairly new to fantasy, so I thought it was the most original thing in the world. Of course, eventually I was proven wrong, but Chris has an amazing writing style and a way of making you part of Eragon's world that seems extremely natural. No other books have given me that 'natural' feeling ... it's as if worlds in stories are all just made up, but Alagaesia isn't. It feels real. And personally, I love all the pointless detail because that is part of what contributes to its reality. If you skip all the little things, you are writing a story. If you put in all the little things ... you are IN the story. Complete

from Kent

Admittedly this book shares a lot of similarities with the Lord of the Rings, but this does not mean that it's a bad book. The plot is engrossing and enjoyable, the characters easy to relate to and the relationships, particularly that between Eragon and Saphira, stirring, regardless of the "stolen" ideas. I really enjoyed reading it, and it does not deserve to be disregarded, particularly given that it's a book that's aimed at a young audience who are less likely to pick it to pieces because of its flaws.

from Sydney

I absolutely loved the Inheritance Cycle, it was absolutely amazing. I thank Christopher Paolini for giving me a reading adventure to remember.

from England

I was first introduced to this book back when I was 10. At that kind of younger age, I was entranced by the magic and mysteries this book presented. Now, I do acknowledge that many of the ideas in this book were built off of others but I still believe that this is an overall amazing read. Since Inheritance came out, I was forced to read Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr all over again since I had forgotten important plots and what not... and I came to appreciate even more not only with the plot (since I was mainly focused on that when I was younger) but also his style of writing. I like his use of language, logic, and perspective... but then again... I'm nowhere close to "professional" at writing... so who am I to talk? :) So. My opinion. The writer is still young indeed, as said on these other reviews, and he certainly shows promise. I personally look forward to his future works and hopefully his creativity will be boosted even more!

from New Jersey

This book was great. I just finished Inheritance today and of course, loved it. I loved all four books and will buy them when I have enough money, just because supporting this young author is the right thing to do. READ THIS BOOK and do not listen to the people who say "oh this is very similar to so and so and I couldn't get into it for blah blah blah reasons." Number one he wrote it at a very young age, so his ideas will obviously reflect some of the ideas he absorbed from other books. Not to mention that there are authors double his age that do this. Number two, it's an excellently written cycle and shows some real stylistic maturity. My only problem is he could've gone into more detail with Eragon and Arya but if that's not his thing or he didn't feel comfortable doing that for whatever reason, it doesn't matter, the whole cycle was great regardless.

from Cambridge

I read this when I was about 12, loved it. I found it really hard to read The Lord of the Rings, gave up about half way through the first book, and can see from the LOTR films that there has been some cross over, but still, the actual story, not the same! I finished Inheritence today, loved the whole series and wish I could read it all again with a fresh mind.

from India

Eragon is pretty good actually but quality goes down as series progresses. Eragon was the only book of the series that I could read again and again. Then Inheritance came out and I couldn't even finish it. Actually I was searching for reviews of book 4 to see if I was the only one not to like it, when I saw this review. Eragon is not as bad as some say, but neither should it be made out as a 2nd coming of LOTR to deserve 9 or 10 stars. Pretty good for young adults and below average for adults spoilt by the likes of Sanderson and Rothfuss.

from Arkansas

Amazing!!!!!! I absolutely fell in love with this book!!! I can't understand how some cannot find joy, life and love in this book.

from Australia

Eragon is fantastic! I recommend it for anyone, of any age. It beats Harry Potter, which I bet would be a challenge for any writer. The detail Christopher puts in the books, how alive the characters seem when your reading the book, makes you feel like your in the world of Alagaesia. I am a writer myself, and Christopher Paolini has inspired me to write my book: White Shadows (hasn't been published). Christopher your a legend, and may your swords stay sharp!

from Canada

I have read the book through many times and love it. Sure he stole most of the ideas but his writing is good. I don't know how people can say there was to much description, if you want to much description then read The Hobbit by Tolkien. The movie of Eragon SUCKS. And also try reading Treasure Island- The descriptions make no sense most of the time.

from Idaho

The Inheritance Cycle were by far the best books I have ever read, everyone keeps saying that he plagerised, if that were so then the story would pretty much be the same as the the others, it is not it is completely a different story then Star Wars or LOTR, it may have things that are similar to other stories in other books or even similar names to places and events in time but the point is they are not same, similar and the same are completely different. Most everyone uses the same basics in their books, to say that he plagerised is like saying that anyone who uses elves or dragons in their books are also plagerising. Quit being jealous that he was able to write such a good book and you weren't. You not liking the book and out lashing is just your opinion because you don't like it. Christopher did a great job writing these books with hardly any experience.

from Croatia

Considering the fact that I'm no fan of Star Wars and only watched the movie adaptation of LOTR, I can't say just how much of the book is plagiarized. I can only say that I've read this book in an instant as soon as the story picked up. This was the book that got me into magical creatures and magic itself as I wasn't fond of it before. Maybe I'll find tons of better written books, but I'll never forget just how eager I was to keep reading the book at 1 AM. One thing I didn't like was the overly detailed descriptions, I pretty much got lost a few times.

from Finland

Eragon was an OK book. But nothing more because I didn“t like Christopher's writing style and the story was so unoriginal. But it wasn`t SO bad. There was some good in it too. 6 out of 10.


from unknown 2

It is like, so cool, (soz didn't put name down) good book, should have a competition like 'create a dragon'. They should make more films of it and give Chris more credit!

from unknown

I can't tell how you couldn't like this book. I loved it ! It was second only to The Lord of the Rings!

from England

This is a great book. I entirely enjoyed it from cover to cover and it left me wanting more. You go on about it being blatant plagerism then why hasn't he been sued? Even so, that's not the point, he created an enthraling novel and an expansive world that has been enjoyed by many (some people must like it seeing that there is a movie and a video game) and that is the whole point of fiction books - TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY!!!

from India

I really think it was not that bad. Heck, I'm not a writer but it was kind of interesting. I think it is better than the Harry Potter series at least!

from Australia

I absolutely loved this book and Eldest and i can't wait for the next to come out, I am a writer and i don't see how you can hate his work, it is magnificent. If my book does end up getting published and they ask who my greatest influence was i would say Christopher Paolini.

9/10 from 60 reviews

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