Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling by DM Cornish

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Rating 8.5/10
The perfect start to an outstanding series of books.

Rossamund has always dreamed of a career in the Navy, fighting tentacled monsters and rescuing damsels from hook-handed pirates. But fate has chosen him for a different path. He is being sent to train as a Lamplighter - to bring light to the inland roads of the Half-Continent, to shine the way for travellers through lands peopled by outcasts, monsters and worse. But for Rossamund to begin his education, he must first undertake a journey of his own: to the great city of High Vesting. Such a road is not for the faint of heart. Only monster-hunters, leers and the most desperate of brigands dare travel the inland ways unguarded. And all Rossamund carries with him is a battered almanac and a pocketful of cheap potions. It is unlikely to be enough.

Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling by DM Cornish is a slow but enthralling read, taking you on a journey with a young orphaned boy.

The book is full of mystery and action, taking you on an adventure of discovery from start to finish. The pages are filled with the tale of a young orphaned boy as he battles monsters and villains on a journey where he discovers himself, and meets the inspired characters of DM Cornish’s imagination, but when he finally reaches his destination the story is far from complete.

Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling is a thoroughly enjoyable read, taking the reader into a world they will never wish to leave and the perfect start to an outstanding series of books.

DM Cornish is an acclaimed children's illustrator. He began making notes and drawings for Foundling, his debut novel, over thirteen years ago and had filled over 28 journals with sketches, ideas and character profiles before the first volume of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy took shape. DM Cornish lives in Australia.

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Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling reader reviews

from Australia


This fantasy based novel is HUGE. Not just in terms of the the book itself but mainly in the scope and scale of the world it is based in. Due to this the book should be given already 5 stars. However, this novel has been written in what is referred to as the 'Dickinson' style. Making this book unappealing to many readers, due to long sentence structure and a slightly obscure vocabulary. The characters in the novel a strange and complicated, giving added weight to the fantasy book. Rosamund, the main character, is weak and lonesome. Making him at times unbearable to read and frustrated. The book also comes with an extensive glossary and appendices (Which in my opinion are to long.) The novel is beautifully illustrated, as well the wonderful descriptions of the world, 'half-continent.' The story line is brilliant, maybe a little slow, but overall a brilliant and satisfying read.

from Italy


I think its an awesome book, and I DO NOT think Rossamund is a wimp, I think you would agree if you were constantly beaten by a boy twice as tall as you, AND if everyone picked on you just because you were smaller that most boys your age and that you had a girls name, do not judge people, it bites you in the butt eventually. :P :(

from Raliegh, NC


Okay, let me start this review by saying something that I wish other people would have said about this book: DON'T believe the hype. Honestly, to me, it's a VERY bad sign when in the first 10-15 pages of a book you already want to beat the main charactor's ass with a shovel for being a pussy. It annoys me even more that he can't even put up a fight or even protect himself so its other people fighting for him (what a wimp). It has some good worldbuilding and the author definitely has imagination, but what is it standing on? Nothing at all, and it doesn't help that the book ends ends some 400 pages in, the rest being more stuff on the world he created. SIGH, yet another sign that grim n gritty fantasy is just leaving YA fantasy in the dirt.

7.6/10 from 4 reviews

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