Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter by DM Cornish (Monster Blood Tattoo: Book 2)

Rossamund Bookchild has successfully negotiated the treacherous route to High Vesting. But even within the sturdy walls of the great city he is far from safe. For the path to becoming a Lamplighter is fraught with dangers - and not just from the dread monsters who lurk in the wilds. Rossamund will need all his wits to survive his training. And he must watch his back too, for enemies from his past are never far behind.

Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter by DM Cornish launches you straight back into Rossamund’s life and his world, taking you straight back to where you was left in the first book.

Unlike the first book, this book isn’t slow to get into and leaves you desperate to finish the page just so you can read the next. Although it would seem Rossamund is safe it soon becomes evident that he is not as you are introduced to the ever inspired characters of DM Cornish’s imagination. This book will leave you within its pages even when you’re not reading it.

Monster Blood Tattoo: Lamplighter is another outstanding book in an equally outstanding series, leaving you shocked by its outcome, and longing to read the next book.

DM Cornish is an acclaimed children's illustrator. He began making notes and drawings for his debut novel Foundling over thirteen years ago and had filled over 28 journals with sketches, ideas and character profiles before the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy took shape. DM Cornish lives in Australia.

9/10 Another outstanding book in an equally outstanding series.

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