Charmed Comics 0-5 by Dave Hoover and Paul Ruditis (Charmed Graphic Novels: Volume 1)

8/10 If you did love the show then this is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Charmed Comics 0-5 (read as an almost complete Vol. 1), Dave Hoover and Paul Ruditis

Charmed, a series that chronicles the life of a trio of witches, is one of the longest and most popular fantasy television programs ever.

The first five issues chart the fortunes of Piper, Phoebe and Paige where the TV show left off. If you didn’t watch the TV show, then this probably isn’t the graphic novel for you as it starts 18 months into The Charmed One’s apparently demon free existence. Issue 0 is a catch-up of plot synopses of the first 8 seasons of the TV show and gives you an appreciation for all the major characters and events they faced.

If you did love the show then this is exactly what you have been waiting for, a glimpse into what happens after the ending of Season 8 and if it is all happily ever after as it was suggested.

The character’s that have continued from the TV show are well written with no suggestion of suddenly changing character arcs. The story itself showing how their families have expanded and how they go forward with raising families and continuing with their jobs, whilst about to face a new challenge shown as the rising of the source of all evil, as well as the people pulling the strings behind him.

I look forward to this series growing from strength to strength, with hopefully a consistency coming from the artwork which is mixed in the first couple of issues.

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Dave Hoover and Paul Ruditis's Charmed Graphic Novels series

Charmed Comics 0-5

Charmed Graphic Novels: Volume 1

Charmed Season 9 Volume 2

Charmed Graphic Novels: Volume 2

Charmed Comics 0-5 reader reviews

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