Charmed Season 9 Volume 2 by Dave Hoover and Paul Ruditis (Charmed Graphic Novels: Volume 2)

This is the second volume of the Charmed Graphic novel, following the story of Piper, Phoebe and Paige after the end of the TV show. This is a great follow up to the first volume which set the sisters up on a new adventure and showing that evil was still out to get them.

This volume collects issues 6-12 with the first story going back to a storyline from the TV show where Phoebe and Piper had been thrown into the future where witches were exposed and hunted and shows how the future can be changed whilst still protecting innocents, it was good to know how this story ended as when originally broadcast it was set 10 years in the future which is where we are now. This is more of a standalone story compared to the overarching storyline of the previous volume and the rest of the story in this one.

In this one the sisters finally find out who they are facing and not only that, they have to stop Neena getting what she wants by recreating the world. What really makes Charmed interesting and was also one of the strengths of the show is that with all the fantastic and magic going on around them it is still down to family. Which is shown in the growth of Paige and Henry’s relationship as he is still getting used to being married to a witch as well as also being the only non-magical family member, he has to learn how to cope and not feel as if he is not needed.

We also get to see Cole again, who is assuredly dead but still involved with the sisters even though no real explanation is given at this time, I feel sure that we will see him in more pages of the future story especially as we may also finally find out what truly happened to Prue in the afterlife. I am looking forward to seeing what new adventures the sisters find themselves in as well as how they deal with the new roles they have taken on.

9/10 A great follow up to the first volume.

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