Domes of Fire by David Eddings (The Tamuli: Book 1)

8/10 An enjoyable read, even more appealing than the previous trilogy.

‘The Domes of Fire’ is the first novel in a trilogy ‘The Tamuli’. It is set roughly 7 years after the events of ‘The Elenium’, and features the same characters. It is not really necessary to have read the first trilogy to enjoy this novel, but you would have a better understanding of the characters. The prologue features the events of the Elenium in the style of a report from a foreign government who can’t quite believe it actually happened. This also gives some insights into the culture of the Tamuli people who are introduced in the novel.

Sparhawk and Queen Elhana are now married, they have a 6 year old girl who may be very influential in forthcoming events. The Tamuli ambassador asks for Sparhawk’s help, old legends are becoming reality and the trolls have entered their borders. Sparhawk agrees and brings along Queen Elhana’s court. There is something odd going on everywhere, and it could bring instability to all governments.

This novel covers their eventful trip to the Tamuli capital city. It is a cross between a road movie and a romance novel. Two beloved characters from the first trilogy finally decide to marry, and this brings its own complications that could hinder the bigger picture. David Eddings’s craft fully intertwines the simple character pieces with the big political stuff. His descriptions of cultures also come to the fore here, as the reader is finally introduced to how the Styrics live. A complete change in how they had previously been depicted, understandable as the group visit places where the Styrics could have their way of life unchallenged. The Tamuli palace is also described exquisitely, and gives the novel its name ‘the domes of fire.’

An enjoyable read, the joint lead characters make this more appealing than the previous trilogy and hopefully it will continue in this way. The cliff hanger is very ironic if you are familiar with ‘The Elenium’, and does make you want to find out what happens next.

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David Eddings's The Tamuli series

Domes of Fire

The Tamuli: Book 1

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The Tamuli: Book 2

The Hidden City

The Tamuli: Book 3

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