Midnight Falcon by David Gemmell (The Rigante Novels: Book 2)

9/10 Midnight Falcon is a story of hatred and spite.

Midnight Falcon continues the story of the Rigante, starting several years after Connavar’s legacy. Having crushed the overconfident Stone army over a decade ago, the Keltoi tribes are enjoying a fragile peace. Conn however is not fooled, and keeps the tribes united and his army in the field. For he knows it is inevitable that the Stone people will return, they care for nothing but conquest and blood after all. This is not a story about Connavar though, Midnight Falcon is the story of Bane, the son Conn fathered on that rueful day. The regret like a lance through his heart, Conn can’t bear to acknowledge his son, and Bane slowly grows to hate him. As volatile as his father, he often gets into fights, and is scorned by most people. Purposeless and outcast, he’s about to give up on life when Vorna, the only person who has ever treated him kindly, asks him to accompany Banouin on his journey to the cities of Stone. He agrees and decides to find a new life outside the Rigante tribe.

His life, finally turning for the better, is shattered to pieces when the girl he grew to love is brutally slaughtered by three Stone gladiators. Mortally wounded, he’s left for dead, but the Morrigu decides to intervene… After weeks of recovering he finds out who killed his beloved, the Gladiator One, one of the deadliest men alive. He starts training and enters the arena, attracting huge crowds as the first Keltoi gladiator. He yearns for revenge and woe the men who dare stand in his way…

Midnight Falcon is a story of hatred and spite. But as Bane gets closer to his goal, his doubts slowly grow on him. Having experienced friendship along the way his hatred dampens and he starts to see the world in a different light, finally finding a little peace of mind. Sadly enough the Stone people are not in the mood for peace, they never were, and when his only friend asks for his help he has to face his old acquaintances again…

Koen Peters on David Gemmell
David Gemmell is a master of Heroic Fantasy. You won’t find any ‘Prince Charming’s in his works though! Well, you might, but not as a main character... People, after all, are not perfect. Far from it. Gemmells characters are always struggling with their inner demons. Past mistakes, hubris, greed, you name it. Yet in spite of these ‘flaws’, the protagonists fight for what they think is right. Or just because they like fighting…

The worlds Gemmell creates are dark, cruel and full of danger. Mainly because of the human inhabitants, since there is no creature that can match the cruelty of humanity. The civilizations brought to life by Gemmell are often similar to known empires, tribes, etc in a lot of ways. You’ll find disciplined armies fighting in formation, swarms of barbarians, howling horse-men, blade-dancers, shamans, and any other fighting style your heart could desire. Magic is a part of his worlds, but it’s not very common and the focus is on physical prowess. Gemmell is obviously an expert on anything medieval, from obvious things like sieges and vassals, to impressive details like the discovery of the leather strap…

In short, a book by David Gemmell is about morally grey heroes, who fight for what they believe in, and regularly get kicked in the nuts by fate. A Tavern brawler who selflessly stands up when faced with injustice. A Drunkard that, without a moment of hesitation, sacrifices his life in favor of an innocent family. A Burly woodcutter that travels to all corners of the world to rescue his captured crush. A pacifistic priest forced to slay numerous enemies. These tales tell of honor and glory, duty and loyalty, courage and resolve, all coated in a wonderful blend of action, black humor and suspense.

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Midnight Falcon reader reviews

from Kenya

Amaizing as always. I have read it 7 times and am never bored.

from USA

I absolutely loved reading this book, great lessons to learn, very well structured writing.

from Sweden

This book was totally awesome. It displays, as in all Gemmell books, how the good always defeats the evil. My favourite book of all time.

9.4/10 from 4 reviews

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