The Last Guardian by David Gemmell

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Rating 8.5/10
Even better than Wolf in Shadow

Jon Shannow is the only one capable of finding the Sword of God that can close the gateway between the past and the present. The Stones of Power continues with The Last Guardian.

Jon Shannow is a fantastic character, right up there with Druss and Waylander and the opening book, Wolf in Shadow saw Gemmell at his best. David Gemmell is a unique story-teller and his writing really reaches a peak with this series, the characters are realistic and deserving of empathy, his nightmare dreamscape of a post-Armegeddon Earth so well done that it brings a feeling of desolation and lost hope to the reader.

The Last Guardian that the book refers to is Shannow himself and he really comes into his own in this book. The one thing that Gemmell excels as knowing how to end a book. The finale is wonderful and just what a reader deserves for putting the time and effort into reading an author's book.

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Gemmell's always been lauded for Druss, but my favourite character is Shannow. Flawed, alone, and ultimately on a quest that can never be fulfilled Shannow is a man apart in his world. The time paradoxes and the references to our own biblical histories that Gemmell has drawn upon is epic. I have read these books so many times, I know some chapters off by heart!! A must read for any fans of Dark Fantasy....

8.8/10 from 2 reviews

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