Elves War Fighting Manual by Den Patrick

8/10 I appreciated what the book was trying to achieve, thoroughly enjoying its stories and humour.

"A manual, complete with illustrations, that looks at the Elvish race and the way they fight war. With a history of the race, an assessment on how they, as immortals, face death, and accounts of famous engagements, this is the perfect companion for any fantasy wargamer or roleplayer, as well as being a door into a wonderful and original fantasy world.

Translated from the original written by a legend among her people, it discusses their martial history and offers discourses on weapons and tactics."

This is in exactly the same format as its companion piece: Orcs War Fighting Manual and, I am pleased to say, maintains the standard of its predecessor.

As usual, the author Den Patrick has spent a lot of time building this world, with its customs, insights, characters, beliefs, stories and battles. Thankfully because of Patrick’s writing style and humour this is an easy read. It could have been a slog, but Patrick manages to make this manual lively and interesting.

As the synopsis states, it will suit war-gamers and role-players, but also (I believe) fans of the fantasy genre as well. Thanks to Peter Jackson and the release of a few certain hobbit-based films, this should attract quite a following. Even the casual fan will find these books accessible and user-friendly. I appreciated what the book was trying to achieve, thoroughly enjoying its stories and humour.

Elves War Fighting Manual by Den Patrick
Published 2013 by Gollancz

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