Orcs War Fighting Manual by Den Patrick

“Written in the form of a soldier's manual on strategy, tactics and weapons THE ORCS WAR-FIGHTING MANUAL is an innovative and fun way for readers and gamers to add colour and excitement to their knowledge of fantasy's premier villains.

Translated from the original Orcish the book contains details on Orc strengths and weakness, key tactics, survival and field tips and accounts of notorious battles from Orc history as well as key tips on defeating Elves and Dwarves. Puny humans are not considered worth discussing.

With companion volumes for Elves and Dwarves, gaming and comics writer Den Patrick builds up his very own fantasy world and tells its history in a unique and entertaining way.

Illustrated throughout and comes complete with battle and formation maps.”

This is the first in a series of books about war tactics and culture from fantasy beings. Author Den Patrick has built a world that showcases his passion for this genre, as well as a lot of imagination and humour. In true Terry Pratchett style, this book is full of witty footnotes and observations.

I was very relieved about the humour and influence of Pratchett, as this would not have been half as much fun had it been done in a dour matter-of-fact way. There are distinctive narrative voices in the human anthropologist Sebastian Venghaus and his Orc fixer and guide: Kani Breakspeare. Without their personalities, the former, uptight and intimidated, and the latter fearless and unintentionally funny, this may not have worked.

Customs, culture, weapons, tactics and anecdotes of battles and Orcish lore fill the pages. This is a light-hearted fun book and a must-have for fans of the fantasy genre. Credit is due to Patrick for delivering a good idea in such a unique and entertaining way.  I look forward to the next in the series.

Orcs War Fighting Manual
By Den Patrick
Published 2013 by Gollancz

8/10 Customs, culture, weapons, tactics and anecdotes of battles and Orcish lore fill the pages.

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