Killing Time by Elisa Paige


It wasn't that she feared death. She just despised losing.

Genetically engineered warrior Sephti would go to any lengths to destroy the fae that made her their killing machine. Finally escaping servitude, she has meticulously planned revenge against her former masters, and time is running out. The last thing she needs is to be taken captive by a man who hates the fae as much as she does—and thinks she's one of them.

Sephti learns her captor is Koda, an ancient Native American guardian determined to save his people from annihilation by the fae. Though he seems to loathe everything about Sephti, she can't help but notice his incredible strength and powerful sensual allure.

As their distrust turns to desire, Sephti and Koda become allies. Their love will have to withstand their enemies' supernatural onslaught—and Sephti's planned suicide mission against the fae…

This is the sequel to Stealing Time, which I reviewed earlier this year, and this book follows Septhi and Koda on their journey to discovering each other. The book also brings back, as secondary characters, James and Evie who were the main protagonists in Stealing Time.

This book is well written and we really feel that we get to know Septhi, who is a Bittern, where she is an exception as normally Bittern are genetically engineered killing machines, but she seems to be more than this and with Koda’s help discovers that she is more than the sum of her parts. Koda on the other hand is to me still slightly an enigma as he is one of 7 supernatural brother’s who protect the Native American nations. Koda’s powers are never fully explained although he is a warrior.

I particularly liked the Native American stories that were woven into the story, we had already met Siska and Nic in Stealing time who had introduced us to these stories. It was also good to get some recurring secondary characters to see how they had progressed from the last time we had read about them.

We seem to be heading to a conclusion, with both the Time Series and Elisa Paige’s other novels villains appearing in this book. Nicholas, James’ uncle who starts the war between slayers and vampires has a larger role in escalating the drama as well as seeing more of Reiden, the lord of the Unseelie Court. I am looking forward to the next book, especially if it is the conclusion, as I would like to know if the couples who find each other and struggle over adversity to be with each other get to have happy ever afters or whether they will be forever hunted by forces outside of their control?

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