Shadowplay by Elisa Paige

8/10 A very gripping story with a lot of action from the first page to the end.

The world's first Fae trouble-shooter, Mia has survived the centuries by trusting no one and by pounding the bleeding hell out of her enemies. Then she meets Roddie, an Irish immortal with the skill to dodge even her most lethal attacks. Intrigued by the spirit beneath Mia's warrior exterior, Roddie resolves to recruit her for a new, cross-supernatural alliance - the Vampires' last, desperate bid to avoid extinction. Trained solely to fight, Mia is defenceless against the Irishman's flashing blue eyes and killer dimples. And despite herself, she begins to consider a life that includes love. Trouble is, softening her hair-trigger reflexes could get her killed.

This is a very gripping story, which throws you into the life of Mia a half breed (Dark and Light Fae mix) and her struggle to survive and learn to actually enjoy living. There is a lot of action in this book from the first page to the end. Mia is a character who has constantly had to fight to get where she is in life, escaping a life of a prisoner destined to die, she turns up in the midst of a fight not knowing what she had gotten into and comes out of it with an alliance with Vampires.

If you have read Elisa’s other story Stealing Time, you may recognise some of the characters although the names are changed, this is due to the rights of two different publishers, but this doesn’t detract from the story as you would already be comfortable with the storyline of Vampires in a war to survive and the alliances they are looking to help them stop a future tragedy.

We are also introduced to the other main character in Mia’s story the 800 year old vampire Roddie, who sees something in Mia that she doesn’t believe can be there. We learn more about the bonds that these vampires have with their mates. As well as seeing if you know to survive you have to be alone how hard it is to reach out and share.

One of my favourite parts of the book were the powers of different kinds of Fae, as previously mentioned Mia is a mix of Light and Dark Fae so seems to have different powers from those usually associated with the Fae. One of the best powers the Fae seem to have is the fact that they can shift between places which makes travelling cheaper and easier!

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