Starling by Fiona Paul

A beautiful tale of love, murder, intrigue, friendship and the quest for immortality.
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In the final installment of The Secrets of The Eternal Rose, as the Belladonna and her minions surround Cass and Venice with their tales of Vampires praying on young women, Cass, Falco and Luca are closer than ever to finding the one thing that could save them all; the book of the of the eternal rose. But as they come closer to the truth, secrets and lies threaten to tear them all apart; but will Cass find the courage to save them all? Friendships are tested, old foes return, and the unlikeliest allies are formed. But in the end, Cass will discover that, despite all the hardships she has endured and the people she has lost, love is the one thing that has kept them all alive; the one constant in all their lives.

A beautiful tale of love, murder, intrigue, friendship and the quest for immortality.

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