Venom by Fiona Paul (The Secrets of the Eternal Rose #1)

Beneath the murky waters that engulf the city of Venice, secrets and lies are coming to the surface, and the canals have never been a more dangerous place for young women, as Cassandra discovers. Born into a class of elite, sophisticated women whose sole role in society is to attend masquerade balls and look pretty, without too much to say, Cassandra begins to find her ' privileged world' one of restriction and seeks to break free from the bonds that have chained her to this life, with the help of Falco; a prominent artist, who has a shady past and present. But their meeting is not one for the faint hearted. As Cass descends into the rules and expectations of the society in which she resides in, she discovers that Venice has it's own potent venom that can strike at anyone; at any time. Venice becomes a mistress who holds grave secrets, beyond Cass's imagination.

Thrown into a world of courtesans and killers, Cass must find the strength to find the truth, while hoping to find the deepest secret of all; where does she belong?

"Madness weakens the mind and disease weakens the body, but nothing destroys the spirit like the loss of true love."

8/10 Cass must find the strength to find the truth.

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