Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix

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Rating 6.5/10
It is difficult to say why this book isn't up to the standards of the other two.

It's Wednesday morning and Leaf is visiting her friend Arthur, who is in a hospital bed, after damaging his leg during his adventures in Tuesday's treasure tower. Under his pillow, Arthur finds an invitation from Drowned Wednesday.

The two friends are swept into the House via the Boarder Sea, however Leaf is taken by a ship, and Arthur is left clinging to his bed, which is in danger of sinking. He is rescued and soon finds out that unlike Monday and Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday is herself a tortured soul, and the first of the Morrow Days to wishes to follow the Will, and allow Arthur to become Rightful Ruler of the House. However, with the aid of magic, Arthur finds out that Leaf is abroad a ship named the Flying Mantis, where she becomes part of the crew and is later attacked and taken by the evil pirate Feverfew. With the aid of the crew of Moth and a group of Raised Rats, Arthur must find Feverfew's secret hideaway, free Leaf and the third part of the Will, after which Drowned Wednesday has promised him the Third Key.

But, is Wednesday all she says she is, and will she keep her promise and freely hand the Key over to Arthur, and what has happened to his friend Suzy?

Drowned Wednesday is the third book in Garth Nix's Keys to the Kingdom series, however it leaves a feeling that something is lacking. The description is still good, but it doesn't draw in the reader in the same way as the two previous books. In parts of the book the story appears to slow slightly and feels almost drawn out in sections. All the components that made the previous books good are still there, however they don't seem to gel together the same, leaving the book feeling like a series of great scenes held together with padding.

As a stand alone, Drowned Wednesday would be excellent, but when read after Mister Monday and Grim Tuesday, the book may not quite make the readers expectations. It is difficult to say why this book isn't up to the standards of the other two, but something is definitely missing somewhere. This said though, the book is still very enjoyable, and full of page turning scenes and ideas and does in the end leave the reader wanting to reach for a copy of Sir Thursday.

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Drowned Wednesday reader reviews

from China


I loved this book. The details so intricate.

from India


This is a really good movie. But it is not mister Monday level. If you like sea movie, this book is the one for you. This movie has an old fashioned villan in the name of Feverfew. Unlike other movies, this time Morrow Days is not the main antagonist.

from Australia


This book may be the best book in the series. This one has an intricate plot-line, good description, and is more original than the other books. Excellent quality.

8.4/10 from 4 reviews

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