Sir Thursday by Garth Nix (The Keys to the Kingdom: Book 4)

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It's day four and Arthur and Leaf are returning back to Earth after claiming the Boarder Seas, however Arthur has to remain in the House, due to an imposter having already passed through the front door. Leaf sets off to track down the imposter, the skinless boy as he has become known, who is spreading a mind control mould, which is mistaken as a biological weapon, placing the whole hospital under quarantine. Meanwhile, Arthur is recruited into the Glorious Army of the Architect and, due to being mistaken as a Piper's child, is washed between the ears, erasing his memory. The Great Maze is under attack by a new form of Nithling that greatly out number the Denizen's. Will Arthur get his memory, will he be able to defeat Sir Thursday and claim the fourth key, or will the New Nithlings finally stop Arthur from saving the house, and taking his rightful title?

Nix is, thankfully, back on form with this book. Sir Thursday maybe the longest of the books so far, but never stops with the action, twists and new ideas, keeping the reader both on their toes, and turning the pages. Thursday himself is the very embodiment of rage, with characteristics that anyone who has ever lost their temper can recognise, however it is still possible in certain situations to feel sympathy for such an ogre of a character, a clear sign of a talented writer.

With this being the fourth book it would be perfectly acceptable to assume that the theme would be getting tedious, but Nix manages to keep the story fresh and hold the interest of the reader. The Trustee never failing to surprise, as well as living up to all expectations. The main characters all continue to blossom and deepen, and the newly introduced ones slide smoothly into place, and help to enhance both storyline and established figures.

Unlike the other books, this one feels incomplete, but not in a disapointing way, but in one that leaves the reader questioning and wanting more.

7/10 Unlike the other books, this one feels incomplete, but not in a disapointing way.

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I liked the book but I thought Mister Monday was the best by far. This book hardly has many page-turning scenes!!!!! I wonder why...
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