Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files: Book 2)

Review by Bindi Lavelle

Nothing can ever be easy for Jim Butcher's lovable knock about wizard, Harry Dresden.

Fool Moon, picks up a few months after the first book of the Dresden files, Stormfront,  but it isn't necessary to have read the first installment to enjoy Fool Moon.

The Dresden files follow modern wizard Harry Dresden: Lost items found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Reasonable rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment. As his white pages ad proclaims. Dresden gets much of his work from Karin Murphy, the leader of Chicago's special investigation unit, who hires Harry as an adviser on mysterious cases.

In Fool Moon, Dresden is called in to assist in an investigation into a series of murder, which all the victims are found savaged following a full moon; so naturally the killer is a werewolf, but things become much more complicated in a short time for Murphy and Dresden.

Jim Butcher has created the perfect under dog in Harry Dresden, a wizard with old school sensibilities with an innate ability for finding himself in the worst kind of trouble; these qualities endear you to Harry as things go from bad to worse and more worse. Harry very rarely pulls off slick super heroic moves and that makes you cheer for him all the more.

The detective stylings of Foolmoon enriches a plot full of red herrings and clues that only come together in the book's climax; Fool Moon reads like a good detective novel, with magic.

For a page turning mix or neo noir and urban fantasy, look no further than Foolmoon.

8/10 A page turning mix or neo noir and urban fantasy.

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