Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson

Tabby McTat book cover
Rating 9.5/10
The story is a real heart warmer.

Julia Donaldson’s newest title for 2009 is an instant hit with kids as it features the likeable character of a cat – a firm favourite with children. The book tells the story of a buskers cat giving an insight into the world from a cats perspective - any child who has a cat as a pet will find this highly amusing.

‘Tabby McTat was busker’s cat with a miaow that was loud and strong, the two of them sang of this and that’ – this particular tale is of Tabby McTat becoming separating from his dotting owner, the busker. After searching for the busker in the familiar square ‘he was never there’, so McTat goes on a journey as he finds a new family, and in turn a wife. The buskers cats life changes dramatically as he has ‘a very full life with plenty of things to do, like washing Prunella, and pouncing on Pat, and hiding the car keys under the mat’ – and he even has kittens of his own, but he can never settle as he misses the busker too much. As McTat goes in search of the busker, his young son, Samuel Sprat follows him. Once McTat is reunited with the busker he then realises he doesn’t have time for busking now he has his life with his wife – ‘then out from the shadow sprang Samuel Sprat’ - and little Samuel takes the role as the buskers cat.

The infamous partnerships of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is once again a winning formula as the illustrations more than do justice to the story. The details of Scheffler’s drawings bring to life further the story, and kids will have fun searching for the gruffulo (now a trademark to his illustrations).

The story is a real heart warmer and told in the familiar rhyming , almost lyrical style, of Julia Donaldson - it is an excellent read.

Parental note: Do not underestimate the interest from younger readers in this book – the powerful illustrations and the tone of the story are well worth introducing to them early.

Age group: 2-6

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from London


I am in year 2. I love reading this book and my baby brother too.

9.8/10 from 2 reviews

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