The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

10/10 Children never seem to tire of reading it, and the same goes for adults.

The Gruffalo certainly lives up to its reputation as a classic read for both children and parents. The fantasy story captures the imagination of pre-schoolers as it takes them on a journey with mouse as he strolls through the wood and meets the beast himself, the Gruffalo. As the mouse revisits inhabitants of the wood with the Gruffalo, the mouse successfully convinces the beast that he, the mouse, is the scariest creature in the wood.

“A Gruffalo, a Gruffalo, why don’t you know?” – well, if you don’t it’s worth knowing and letting your child in on the secret too. The Gruffalo is a humorous tale that keeps kids enraptured and anticipating the next page. This is a book that grows with your child – the rhythmical style of reading captivates very young readers and as they develop, and so too their verbal skills, it allows the child to get into character themselves – even reciting verses.

Accompanying the text are fantastic illustrations by Axel Scheffler bringing the story to life. You’ll even find your child just studying the pages themselves as they seem enchanted by this story.

On initial sight of the creature we call ‘The Gruffalo’ you may think is it going to provoke nightmares but far from it – his monster looks are loved and well known between your children’s peers.

Julia Donaldson’s unique style allows the reader to bring the story to life for their little ones. This is perhaps why children never seem to tire of reading it, and the same goes for adults.

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The Gruffalo reader reviews

from Israel

I bought this and 'The Gruffalos' child' 10 years ago, and I am still reading it today. Our copies are really worn as all three of my children love these stories. It is a must have book if you have young children.

from London

I am in year2 and I first heard this book in my class.

from England

My four kids all adore this book the best toddlers' book ever,wonderful 😍 10/10

from Malaysia

It was a very nice book.

from England

We love the rhyming, the book is interesting, it has great adjectives in it. We think Julia Donaldson is epic!!!!!

from Norwich

At the age of 16 this is still my favourite book of all time!

from Essex

I love this book. It is FAB!!!

from Lord Street, Dalton

It a good book.

from Hampshire

I love this book, it's a great read for younger children. The alliteration and rhyming is good. I still find this book so interesting every time I read it.

from Abbeystead, Lancaster, England

We love the Gruffalo because it is fun for everyone. We recommend this book because it is funny when the mouse scares the Gruffalo. We also like the part where the mouse eats the nut and the nut tastes good. The alliteration and rhyming is fab. We are 6 and 7 years old and still we like the Gruffalo. Read it to your children! Hope they love it!

from Italy

I think that The Grufflao is a wonderful book and I never tire of listening to my brother and sister telling me all about it!!

from Queanbeyan, Australia

I think it's great for children under 5 years old. Julia Donaldson has a wild imagination.

from England

I really like The Gruffalo. My favourite part is when the Gruffalo runs away from the mouse. I find this funny because the mouse is smaller than the Gruffalo. I also like the part where the mouse said to the Gruffalo that he likes Gruffalo crumble because this scares the Gruffalo.

from Dundee

I think all Julia Donaldson books are fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.9/10 from 15 reviews

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