Fallen by Lauren Kate (The Fallen Series: Book 1)

8/10 A gothic love story featuring fallen angels and forbidden love (a winning formula).

Angels and… well… more angels and then fallen angels and angels who are sort of in between. Lucinda Price is not an angel. In fact she is spending her junior year of high school in a reform school called Sword and Cross. She has been bothered by shadowy images for much of her life and lately these shadows have begun to alter her life. She has come to Sword and Cross because of an accident involving a friend. She is not trusted by her parents and is very unsure of how her actions caused her to be at Sword and Cross. The one thing she is sure of is that when the shadows come… she cannot control them and bad things tend to happen. She begins to make friends at school but they are questionable friends.

After all they are all attending a reform school where they are locked in and watched by cameras and sent to detention and life is very regimented. Lucinda is drawn to one person at school and that is Daniel Gregori.  She is unsure why and he appears to have the opposite feeling about her. At the same time she is warned to stay away from him and is sort of charmed and wooed by another classmate… Cam… who appears to be able to provide picnics and limo rides and tons of other contraband items. Luce is drawn to him even though she does not want to be. As I read this beautiful novel alarm bells went off in my head when Cam gave her a gold necklace with a serpent on it. To me…that meant that he was quite the opposite of an angel but the story was still unfolding.

The author writes beautifully about the angels… their wings… every angel seemed to have a different kind of wing pattern and when they are tucked away and then unfolded again… it was quite magical. I totally loved this story. It was sort of oddly spiritual. I know that the author has planned two more within this series. I cannot wait to read them.

Review by Lee

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series has been phenomenally successful, the individual titles topping the bestseller lists around the world. These books, while arguably not the greatest works of literature (as Meyer herself honestly and refreshingly admits), have clearly shown what young female adults are looking for today - romantic fantasy with a supernatural edge. This is why, in June 2009, Random House Children’s Books acquired the first four titles of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, with the opening title, Fallen, being published on December 17 in the UK, December 8 in the US.

Fallen is the story of seventeen year old Lucinda (or Luce as she is known). She falls in love with the good-looking and highly intelligent Daniel at their reform school but soon discovers that he is a fallen angel, cursed, destined neither to ascend to Heaven nor descend to Hell. The two realise that they have spent their lifetimes finding and losing one another, and face the final challenge to keep evil forces at bay and seek redemption for all.

Lauren Kate’s writing is accomplished, thankfully avoiding the unnecessarily flowery and long-winded narrative that often plague pages of romantic fantasy books. The reader’s interest is engaged early and, helped by a solid and ever-evolving plot, never lets go. This is a gothic love story featuring fallen angels and forbidden love (a winning formula) that will thrill and delight in equal measure.

Luce is described by a character in the book in these terms “you’re nothing more than you appear to be: a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good-looking boy at school”. This shows that the author is under no illusions about her lead, and although it is a very harsh description, there are elements of truth in every statement. Luce is a teenage girl and she talks and behaves like a teenager. Although she may not be to everyone’s taste, readers of the same age will connect with Luce and very quickly find themselves falling completely under the book’s spell. It is this connection that will make this book such a huge success.

The setting is delightfully gothic, the highlight being the church that has been turned into a natatorium. The excerpt below shows Luce’s first impressions when encountering this  wonderful creation:

“Inside the humid natatorium she instantly understood what Penn was talking about. The pool itself was giant, Olympic-sized, one of the few state-of-the-art features she’d encountered so far on this campus. But that wasn’t what made it remarkable, Luce realized in awe. This pool had been set down right in the middle of what used to be a massive church.”
Fallen: Chapter 6 - No Salvation

As Fallen comes to an end, there are still many unanswered questions that will leave its new fans eagerly anticipating the sequel, Torment, that will be available in September 2010. There are echoes of Milton’s Paradise Lost, the classic epic poem about the struggle for ascendancy between God and Satan and the consequences of the Fall, but at its heart Fallen is a love story, a story of doomed love admittedly, and a story that will strike a chord with many.

Who will this book appeal to most? A rule of thumb that would work in this instance is to look at the lead character, their gender and age, and use that as an answer. So, the ideal person for whom this would be a perfect Christmas present would be female and seventeen years old.

About the author
Lauren Kate recently finished her M.A. in Creative Writing at UC Davis, where she also teaches. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her first novel, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove goes on sale one month before Fallen.

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Our interview with Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate recently finished her M.A. in Creative Writing at UC Davis, where she also teaches. She lives and writes in an old farm house in Winters, California. Her first novel, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove goes on sale [...]

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Fallen reader reviews

from United States

It Leaded too an very dramatic love ending I loved it ! Made me definitely want to read more! If you don’t have an good imagination or if your not into love triangles do not read. Overall this book is a page turner u won’t get enough of. I’m glad I ran across this book. I prefer this for younger adults/

from Czech Republic

I love it so much! It's my favourite book ever. There were moments, I was cryIng like a child! I love this love story. AmazIng work Lauren Kate, I love you!!! I want love like they have in a book...

from Washington

I love this book but yes I wanted more out of it but it's so good the action and the love triangle, and for the people who say its like twilight the only reason it seems like it is because of the love triangle!!!!! Overall I love this book and recommend it to everyone.

from England

This book is awesome anyone who doesn't like it is an idiot although it get boring sometimes

from India

It's such an amazing novel... I totally loved it.... Guess its my new fav!

from Greece

This book is amazing, I love it. Ok, sometimes is a little bord but is good.

from Philippines

I only borrowed the book from my classmate and that moment I'm so greatful to her lending me this great work of Lauren Kate. This book is such worth reading for. I had sleepless nights because of this and I dont have regrets. The characters are just amazing!

from South Africa

This love story is amazing ... and I really enjoyed reading this book ... u deserve a five mhen

from USA

The book is pretty sappy and adventure negligent. Every scrape and shes saved by Daniel before things get interesting. Can't Luce EVER stand up for herself? I mean if you like portraying women as weak and defenseless, yeah I get it, but seriously? Too many plot holes. How did Todd die? He was fine, then he screamed, "What the..." when Daniel was "saving them" and the next thing we know, he's dead. Then they say he died of smoke inhalation. Sounds a little fishy. Why isn't Luce worried WHY she's damned...if I found out one day that I was damned, hell, I'd wanna know why! Like first thing! Luce is very sad about leaving Daniel...I mean VERY sad, but not a tear for her parents? Maybe THAT'S why she's damned? She mentions calling them, but why dwell on it right? They only loved and cared for her her whole life...I mean, parents, right? Also, If Daniel is, in fact, immortal, wouldn't 17 years be like, IDK, just a tiny passing of time? I mean when you live for millennia, 17 years tends to feel like a day or two.

from USA

How many books are actually in the Fallen series? If u can please list the books and what number they are.. .I looked it up but got even more confused...

from South Africa

I stumbled over this book by complete chance, looking for horror stories to read; the horror didn't come, but the mystery and romance sure did. Left me yearning for an angel of my own.

from US

Okay, this was the best book I have read in a long time, you guys think that this a copy of the Twilight series then you guys need to read the entire series. Twilight has werewolves and vampires. The Fallen series does not have any of that, it has angels and beauty and life this series has inspired me to write my own series and if you do not like the book give it to a local charity that will read it because if you do not understand the true meaning of this book then you guys should not even read the series. I am 15 years old and even my grandmother likes this series.

from Cali

Ummmm if you didn't love this book there's something wrong with you.

from Canada

It's so good!!! It's by far, the best series I've ever read! It's romantic, fascinating, and full of awesomeness!!! I'm 12 years old and I love it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 12 years old because it has some course language and the occasional if that's not your cup of tea, wait a couple years. This series got me hooked on the first chapter! It's always so hard to put it down once you've started reading it. You should really consider reading this series!!!!!!!! :)

from Canada

I really like the book but it started out in a very confusing way. Most people that read Fallen want to read the rest of the books but I really didn't care, even though I get obsessed with every book I read. Overall it's a nice book. I LOVE DANIEL... there is also a huge diffrence between Fallen and Twilight!!

from US

This book is over the top awesome and I am on Torment now but when I finish this series I will be sad that its over!!!!! Better than Twilight and fallen angels gave me a new perspective on angels!!!!

from US

Great book. I love. I am on Torment now <3

from Greece

No, I didn't think it was like Twilight... Kate's writing is considerably better than Meyer's, and the whole setting of the book is far from high-school awkward drama, which I rather liked. Yes, it was a bit slow paced, and I did get bored at some point, but the last few chapters made up for the slow burners. It left many questions unanswered, which I think is very smart because it makes the reader want to buy the next book. The idea and concept of these books is phenomenal, but I think it could have a bit more detail... I had this feeling that the first two thirds of the book were incredibly slow and the last third was too fast paced... Overall, it wasn't a bad book, but it could have been a bit better.

from United States

I absolutely loved this book. Even though everyone has their own opinion, which doesn't matter to me. I am only reading Torment now, but I can't put it down (until now):) Yes, it is like Twilight and it does have the disappointing love triangle. I also hoped that Luce would end up with Cam, but that's only because I like Cam. I think the plot was excellent because it may be like Twilight and that's is what all my friend's said, but I wanted to read it even more. The turn of events made me anxious for more. I didn't know what would happen next. I am usually prescient about love romance novels, but this one dumbfounded me. The simple form of writing Kate uses makes the reader think more deeply into the reason for every word in every sentence. I had to reread a couple of lines just to rethink a deeper meaning. I loved it!!!!!! Thank you for those who loved the book. Reading it made me want more. And also thank you for the other comments which weren't very necessary but you gave your opinion and I'm sure your opinion helped Kate with her future novels. I've FALLEN in love with FALLEN.

from Texas

I absolutely LOVED all the books in the series! I stumbled upon this one on clearance and I am so glad I happened to pick it up. I've read the whole series three times already, and I seriously cannot get over it! Love love love this. Anyone who says this is like Twilight obviously didn't read the book...

from Twin Falls, Idaho

OMG! Best thing ever, I couldn't put it down, I felt like I was in the book. I just LOVE it.

from USA

I loved this book! I loved the challenge of having to keep up, when the book would switch back and froth between points of view, and the changies of events. It was amazing.

from Wake

It was a great book! I liked that it was vague and you had to think to understand at some points. I loved it !

from Dubai, U.A.E.


from USA

Nothing like Twilight. And I don't like that people would compare it to that crap.

from Tokyo

VERY inspirational series...

from USA

I LOVE this book I couldn't put it down. Anytime I had free time I was reading Fallen. I started playing out the scenes in my head and I even felt like screaming at the characters sometimes. Awsome book, I recommend it to everybody.

from USA Tennessee

This is probly the best book ever...haha. I'm soon to start on the 4th book, Rapture, and I absolutely cannot wait. I have used Fallen for all my book projects since 8th grade I'm now a junior, just because I want other people to realize the magnificant story behind the cover.

from New York

SPOILER- IF YOU HAVENT READ THE LAST BOOK IN THE FALLEN SERIES DONT READ THIS!!!!! Or do, I really don't care. I loved the book but hated the first review next to the picture of the cover because it said Luce isn't an angle when she actually is an angle.

from Oregon

I randomly picked this book off the shelf and the local library and I couldn't put it down! It is nothing like the Twilight series! I love the books and cant wait to see if she has more to the series!

from Australia

I actually loved this series, I originally bought the book because the cover looked so interesting, and when I started reading it I could not put it down! I think that it's nothing like Twilight.

from USA.

Yes I'm a guy, and I only read fallen and so far part of Torment and I love them! It is a little slow but something compels you to read on. As a guy you definitely feel for Daniel about how much he cares for Luce and wants to protect her. Also because Luce is the main character and always hear about her views I believe you can connect and kind of feel the connection they both have for each other and love that lasts for ages. Anyone else feel the same?

from Auckland, New Zealand

I found the book really boring most of the time and also I was quite confused with the plot and stuff like that. But t was a good read.

from Texas

I absolutely LOVE this book and seires! The Fallen series changed me and it is my overall FAVORITE! To those who don't enjoy it obviously don't know how to connect. I think that the best book in the seires is Rapture, it left me stunned, happy, sad, shocked, and overwelmd. I would DEFINITELY reccomend the Fallen books to anyone who likes a good romance-drama-heart-racing-fantasy!

from Australia

OMFG, I love this series. One week left everyone until Rapture. Going mad down under.

from Australia

I love the Fallen series so much! Too bad Rapture will be the last one...

from New Zealand

This, apart from Harry Potter, is one of my favourite books. It kept me hooked all the way to the end. I don't see why people are comparing this book to Twilight. Edward is a sparkling FAIRY vampire Daniel is an Angel... Please tell me you guys actually have read this book? Along with the other books this is amazing!

from England

I love this book so much. My favourite character is Cam. I don't think that it is like the Twilight Saga and that people should stop comparing them.

from California

Honestly, I loved the book and, as a Christian, love the religion involved with it all and honestly, it's not like the Twilight series - not even close and those that hate the Fallen books... I'm sorry, you guys have no taste in religion or romance. I for one loved it and those who talk down on Fallen - you're so wrong, you don't have patience or time. So there, for I loved it.

from New York

This book is AMAZING and anyone who thinks it isn't is a complete idiot and if you don't like it then don't comment on it because this book deserves 10 out of 10. I can't wait for Rapture to come out it will be EPIC but sadly that will be the last one in the series :(

from Ohio

I love this book and I can't wait to read Torment. I really love this book, it's my all time favourite and I've read Twilight, so that's saying something.

from Malaysia

All the books in this series rock!.I am so in love with Cam.. It's not wrong to love him... The book describes him as DAMN GOOD LOOKING! Anyway, Fallen is the best book I have ever read.

from Fresno, California

This book is awesome!!! But some parts get boring... But if you give it a chance you can't stop reading it!!!

from Missouri

I loved this series so much! I feel so connected to the characters and I can not wait until Rapture comes out. I don't believe Cam really liked Luce but maybe he was trying to just hurt Daniel. THIS SERIES IS NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT. Who ever said that has some problems. Such a unique series, I'm in love with it!

from England

I absolutley L.O.V.E this book. I've only read Fallen so far but I'm about to read it again because I want to read the others. OMFG I'm a fan of Twilight and I really dont think it's anything like it? I also absolutley love The House of Night novel by PC and Kristen Cast and I highly recommend reading this. However, I think Fallen is THE best book I have read. I love the pace and everything she discribes. I think it's easily one of the best books written in this generation. LOVE IT!!!

from Australia

I love the whole series! And I cannot wait for Rapture! I don't see how it's anything like Twilight. I absolutely despise Twilight!

from Texas

LOVED IT!!!! All the books were amazing so far but Fallen is my all over favorite

from everywhere

I totally loved this book. i wasn't all that surprised when i found out that daniel was an angel. what really surprised me was when i found out that the rest of them were angels too (gabbe, roland, arriane, cam and molly). i also loved that lauren kate didnt use the same old vampires and werewolves (although i love them) it was nice to reead about something else for a change. i so wish that there was a movie. it would make millions! just read the second book (torment) cant wait ot read the third (passion)! oh and i definately cant wait for the fourth book (rapture)!!! hop that you dont stop writing!

from Chicago

Great book, I can't wait to read to second!

from Philippines

Fallen is one of my favorite novels! I really adore Ms. Lauren Kate for a job well done. I think it is a great idea if they make this great book into a movie. Just please choose the BEST and APPROPRIATE CASTS!! Because for the past years, I've been disappointed with the books I like that were turned into movies. I don't know what made their chosen actor to be in a certain role! That sucks, seriously. So please... FALLEN MUST HAVE THE MOST APPROPRIATE CAST! BEST luck to all!! LOVE YOU LAUREN!

from Margate, Kent

Read the book from start to finish within a week of its release. Adored it, I could not wait for the next one and after reading all 3 Fallen, Torment and Passion. I love reading fantasy stories and this series is one of the best yet, I can't wait to see what is in store for Luce and Daniel!

from Indonesia

I like fantasy novels, because it's my choice fell on this novel. Although the introduction was long, but in the middle of the story I began to like it.

from Houston, Texas

Listen, people who are saying Fallen is like Twilight.STOP IT!!!>( Twilight is just another boring and dull vampire and werewolf story. Fallen is waaay better! Everybody knows that Edward and Bella have a vampire baby XD

from California

I absolutely loved this book. I finished it in two days. It's my favorite book of all time and way better than Twilight. So all you people out there who hate it, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!!! I

from Illinois

Absolutely love these books they are amazing! I am getting ready to read Passion! I love love love theses books please please please don't ever stop writing these! Great books anyone who doesn't like them is crazy!!!

from Kansas

Fallen by Lauren Kate was NOTHING like Twilight!!! It wasn't about stupid vampires or werewolves! It was about fallen angels. Yes, it took a long time to actually figure this out, but if you people don't like long stories then I guess that this book isn't for you. If you do like a story that has a totally unique topic, then this book is for you. I mean there are millions of vampire books out there like Twilight, Cirque du Freak, and the Vampire Diaries but there are hardly any about fallen angels! Some of you say "well the cover looked promising, but i hated it" well you shouldn't buy a book because of the cover! You CAN'T judge a book by its cover! OK? SO NEVER BUY A BOOK BECAUSE U LIKE THE COVER!!! You have to read the summary!

from Kent

Well, I thought the book was very romantic, the way he is trying to keep their love from turning into flames. I think that he's very depressed and sad but getting on with his life as he does wanna be with Luce but it could destroy her and he would lose her again. She is a tiny bit annoying, but she's more annoying in Torment, because she's so stubborn and very "I want to know it all", and she doesn't listen to anybody when they tell her to do something for her safety!! But overall it is very good, I have to say when I started reading it I would never had expected him to be an angel and it to turn out like it did but I did know they would ending up loving each other. Please carry on writing these, they are FANTASTIC! Thankyou, xx

from Canada

BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still wonder... Does Cam really like Luce or was it all an act?

from Chico, California

I believe the book was great. One suggestion: Don't let Disney make the movie. But the book was awesome!

from California

The novel, Fallen, is probably the best novel I've read so far. Anyone who thinks other wise is probably a boring person, in my opinion. I give it a 10+ because the love that Luce and Daniel share is the kind of love someone like me would kill for. It's basically all my fantasies put together in one amazing book. I love it!

from New Zealand

Although Lauren Kate does certainly have a way with words, I found the plot quite boring and actually very confusing. The descriptions could at times be hard to keep up with, and although there was action, I felt it was very emotionless. In fact the only time I really felt anything was when Penn died. Also I thought that (and yes I'm sorry to repeat what others have said) the romance thing between Luce and Daniel and Cam was incredibly Twi-hard. I think that if Lauren Kate had released it before Twilight, it would have done great. The cover looks great, although the price is a little steep. This is however, still a fairly good book if you can keep up with it. I just hope that Torment is better. It should be, if it begins properly from where it left off :) Thanks =]

from America

I love, love, LOVE the book. It was just so great and I was not in any way disappointed. I'm recommending it to those of you who really like gripping and addictive stories filled with fantasy, romance, and mystery.

from Australia

I just read Torment and I wasn't disappointed at all. It's the new Twilight I'm sure. Torment lets you in a lot more and you get to see Luce in a different ray of light. It's about time she stands up for her rights to find the truth.

from Dubai, UAE

I loved the book. It was very engrossing, and exactly what I would call a page-turner. It was kind of confusing; a bit too dark for my liking, but I loved it none-the-less. I can't wait for Torment! The Fallen series is SURELY going to be a BIG hit, if it isn't one already... :) Thank you Lauren Kate, for having a beautiful imagination and for sharing it with us. :) Oh, and last but not the least: Eeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DANIEL GRIGORI!!!

from Ohio

It was a awesome book that I recommended it to all my friends and loved it, even my best friend who hates reading - she said it was amazing. I would trade Fallen for Twilight anyday except for Taylor Launter. Fallen series I love you!

from California

I loved it! I really connected with Luce (: And it was very easy to find myself drifting into the book, playing out the scenes in my mind. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

from Pensacola

I love this book... I can't wait for Tormant to come out!!! I had like ten chapters left and I just couldn't put it down... so I ditched school to stay home and finish it... (:

from Cresent City

I love Fallen, it is my favorite book. I can't stop thinking about Torment, I like Cam but I also like Daniel - it's hard to chose which one is my favourite!

from Indiana

I just read it again and it as awesome. And holy crap I JUST READ AN EXCERPT ON THE NEXT BOOK TORMENT!

from Australia

It's very similar to Twilight, a good read none the less. Can't wait for Torment :)

from Indiana

Fallen was insanely RAW!!!!!! But if someone could answer this question that would really be cool. Does Cam really love Luce?

from Enterprise, Mississippi

This book was sooooo good!! I just got done reading it I cant wait till Torment !! I'm reading it again it is sooo good!! Luce could be my bestie but she isn't real!! I'm a little more out-going when it comes 2 shyness and I really wish what happened 2 Penn didn't!! The teacher was so psycho and I loved that part b/c I sooo didn't see it coming and Luce's hair on the front is like sooooooo pretty!! I want black long straight hair sooo bad but I most likely won't ever have it and it makes me mad so I think I will dye it sometime and let it grow out .

from New Zealand

This was a really cool book to read. At some points it got a little boring... but in the end I'd have to say that it was dark and sexy and totally thrilling. I'm happy I bought this book. It's in my top 20 for sure. :)

from Wales (UK)

I thought this book was GREAT! I can't wait until September, that's when the sequel is coming out!! It was a REALLY GOOD BOOK :D Only downsides: I wish it was from Luce's point of view, like Twilight, not like harry potter. Also there were too many fillers. The only action happened at the end really D:

from Nashville

One of the best books I've ever read in my life. I think Stephenie Meyer better watch out cuz I thought Fallen is better than Twilight so far...

from Dinwiddie, Virginia

OMG, Fallen is the best book anyone will ever read and if anyone (cough -cough Amilia cough!) has something bad to say about it well u can forget about it... NOW!!!

from FL

This book was absolutely amazing. The angel idea is 100 times better than vampires. FALLEN was very romantic in the relationship between Daniel Grigori and Lucinda Price. Lucinda is torn at first by her good love and her bad love which are Daniel and Cameron. I honestly do recommend this astonishing novel! Vampires suck eggs!!!

from california

I like the book a lot even though I thought it was a vampire book at first, because I only read them, but I loved it. I can't wait until the other book comes out - ugh so long though lol... and hey it wasn't better than Twilight but still bomb like twilight - keep writing more books cause i loved it and liked to read it.

I completely love this book, I normally read books about vampires but after reading this I was hooked on reading fallen angel stories... Looking forward to the next one... and this book would make an amazing film... "HINT HINT"

from Australia

I thought the book was great and to the people who found it vague or confusing - of course Lauren Kate wanted to keep you in the dark about the entire story - it's a 4 part series! Suspense was her main premise. Why would she give away more when she's got 3 more novels to write? Anyway, I thought is was well written, easy to read and couldn't put it down. Well done Lauren! Can't wait for the next installment!

from Rhode Island

People need to stop being rude!!! The book was good! If you are offended why read it then???? God... ignorant people. I love everything about this book; suspenseful and full of thrills... two thumbs UP!

from Perris, California

I couldn't stop reading it. There was so much going on and got me heating up towards the end.

from Nebraska

LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!! ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ!!!!!!!!!!!! t Totally movie worthy! I love Daniel! From the beginning I did! I just love love, love the book!!!!!!!!! I could not put it down!!!!!!! Suspenseful and beautiful! I love this book! I can't wait for the next book!

from England

I loved this book, I read it in 3 days, I couldn't stop. I would love if it came out on the big screen, it could take over Twilight and that's coming from a Twilight fan. FALLEN RULES XOXOXOXOX

from Tucson

WOW! I loved this amazing book, thank you!!!! I can compare this book to my life!!!

from Montana

I think they should make Fallen into a movie, it's so good and I would love to see it on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!

from Wherever

A good read, but left me a little dry towards the end. I felt like there was so much going on in the plot that nothing was elaborated that much at all. There should have been a good elaboration on a little part of the mystery, not big helping of vague little bits. No doubt the next book will (hopefully) explain more, but the mysteries should have been served in balance. In Fallen, it was definitely not balanced. Kate should have tackled each thing slowly, one at a time, instead of introducing a handful of wonders leading to the inevitable and annoying "Book of Explanations" that becomes the sequel.

from Australia

This book was amazing! It was like I couldn't put the book down because I was to anxious to find out what was going to happen next. I'm not much of a Twilight fan but this book was so interesting. I recommend making it into a movie. To all you people who aren't in to love stories, this book will change your point of view =]

from Tampa, FL

The BEST!!! Love it, sorry better than Twilight!!! Very AWESOME, love it, love it, love it!!!!!

from Ireland

OMG!!! This book was amazing, it was so moving and unpredictable. Luce - I loved her. She is so realistic and doesn't try to be perfect, she is a strong, beautiful, smart and determined. She just rocks! :) And Daniel, well I can't say anything or I'll never stop; know that he is breath taking and while I loved Edward in the books I can't help feeling that I love Daniel more. He is so way more mysterious, rude and utterly compelling. LK's views on angeology are different and incredible. Unputtdownable.

from San Diego

I love, love this book. I can't wait for Torment. I'm in love with the characters, especially Daniel Grigori and Luce.

from England

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! My second fave book in the whole world. Sorry, but Harry Potter has stolen my heart away. It is nothing like Twilight, by the way the Twilight saga sucks, no offence to Meyer. I would rather go out with Daniel Grigori than hairy chest Cullen. Anyway, glues your eyes to the page, no joke. Immensely awesome!

from Taipei

Oh, I love it so much. I believe it will be a succesfull series in the future.

from Glasgow, Scotland

Gave this book a 9, cant give it a 10 cause that belongs to Twilight Saga (sorry). My mum bought this book for me in Amsterdam last week on a mother-daughter trip (which was fab). Started reading it on the plane home and have not been able to put it down since - its really good - very gothic and eerie! Cant wait to finish it and get the next one "Torment" I think it is called - hope its a follow up to Luce and Daniel - although I also like Cam!!! Angelic to say the least - keep the story going!

from Florida

OMG!!! I CANT WAIT FOR TORMENT!!! was so sad when Penn died but I loved the whole book anyways... better than Twilight...(I'M SORRY EDWARD)... lol looks like I found my new favorite book series... and my new dream guy (DANIEL GRIGORI)... OMG I dunno if I can make it until Autumn... AHHH!... lol loved it!

from England

I LOVE IT! It is such a sweet story, and it almost brought me to tears when he finally tells her the truth. I don't usually like love stories, but this one I loved. Can't wait for the next book, Torment, to come out!!!!!

from Savannah

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It has everything that I love in a book in it. It is sexy and very dark. Not so sure about Cam though...

from UAE

I haven't read the book yet... oz i live in UAE and can't find in any bookstores!!! Can any1 tell from where I can get this book in UAE bookstores???????? P.S I have heard it is a lot like Twilight.

from Maryland

Fallen was recommended to me by one of my friends and it has everything that I was looking for. It was sexy, breathtaking and most of all great for teenagers going through a rough relationship!

from South Carolina

This book I have to say is in the top ten books I have ever read. It gives you chills and you're on the edge of your seat wanting to know what is going to happen next. I couldn't put it down.

from Leeds

OMG !! I LOVE this book! I bought it a few dayss ago and couldn't wait to read it!! I'm soooo glad I bought it!! It had me stuck on the book like glue!! I couldn't stop reading it and was just longing that the book was much longer so I could have read on!! I'm really hoping there's a series of these books!! They would be a real hit!! LOVE IT!!

from Norman, Oklahoma

A big page turner... but vague... but then again thats what make a it a great page turner =) Great chartecters and developement.

9.4/10 from 103 reviews

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