Torment by Lauren Kate (The Fallen Series: Book 2)

Just pick a side, isn’t it obvious.

When the love of your life isn’t telling you the whole truth behind the past you share it’s sure to cause some rough patches in any relationship. But when you’re Luce and dating an angel, Daniel, with a number of enemies at your front door, life is sure to get a little more complicated.

In her bid to find how she is connected to her one and only real love of all the lives Luce has lived, she must decide whether to trust the one she loves will all her heart, even though he’s not completely honest with her, for her own safety, but what price does Luce have to pay for her reincarnation?

In the thrilling second instalment of Lauren Kate’s Fallen series, the forbidden love between an angel and a human is tested beyond anyone’s imagination. The quest for answers will leave Luce wondering why the one and only person she has ever loved and trusted keeps loving her in every lifetime past, present and future. As the shadows reveal her past, Luce is torn between what she feels in the current life she lives and those she’s left behind because of the one kiss that cursed them both. Is their love worth the end of the world? Is it worth all the deaths that have happened and those that will follow? Will their passion and true love is enough to outlast this millennium?

Torment was published September 30, 2010 in the UK, September 28, 2010 in the US (both in hardcover).

8/10 The thrilling second instalment of the Fallen series.

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from South Africa

I love this book! The chemistry between Luce and Daniel is intoxicating.. it gives me chills but then Miles pops into the picture and he and Luce are amazing together.. This book is a must have and as for Cam... The thing is, if he really loves Luce why doesn't he just tell and really show her how he feels? But it could be an act to make he mad since he loves Luce so so much... gotta love this book
10/10 ()

from Alaska

I loved the book, but I LOVED the part where Shelby's boyfriend came and they finally realized he was an announcer. THE ENDING was epic!!! I like the way she left, I wanna know more about her past and more about her sister Vera!!!
10/10 ()

I got a kick out of what Anne said because, and I feel really guilty about this, my fave part was when Miles kissed Luce :O Haha, but I do agree as to why she questions Daniel, I mean, all she had to do was stay at a school for 3 weeks or so and than she could be with him, but I guess she just had to be difficult lol.
10/10 ()

9.6/10 from 4 reviews

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