King of the Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo

(8.5/10) A beautiful and magical tale of love, loss, friendship and understanding.

When Japan invades China, Ashley and Uncle Sung are forced to flee. It is a perilous journey across the Himalayas, and they struggle to survive. Then Ashley is captured. Who are these strange creatures that revere him as their king?

King of the Cloud Forests is a beautifully told story featuring unforgettable characters. Humour and strong characterisation blend with a sparkling narrative to create a moving, yet often humorous fairy-tale.

The works of Michael Morpurgo always have a feeling of effortlessness; within his deceptively simple tales are some of the most touching and inspirational works of children’s literature. The characters are alive and realistic; characters that you join on their journey and who remain with you long after the last page has been turned.

King of the Cloud Forests is the story of Ashley Anderson, the son of a missionary working in China. When the Japanese invade his adopted country he must flee with his Uncle Sung across the Himalayas into India. What happens to Ashley in the Himalayas and whom he meets there is what makes this book so special – unfortunately it is impossible to expand on these events without spoiling the book for those who have not read it, so you must get it and read it as soon as possible to find out...

“An hour or so after we left the mission – it was still not quite morning – Uncle Sung turned off the road into the trees and dismounted. He drew out of his saddlebag a pair of felt boots and a bulky quilted coat with deep pockets just like the one he always wore. ‘I made it myself,’ he said with some pride, holding it up against me. The coat was far too big for me and I told him so. ‘Time will take care of that,’ he said. ‘This will be a long, long journey. By the end of it you may well find these clothes too small, but then by the time we reach India you will have no need for them any more.’”
King of the Cloud Forests: Chapter 3

There are strong themes within this book’s pages; child soldiers, death, religion and racism are all dealt with expertly – the reader is not given the author’s opinion on these matters, they are given the facts and left to make up their own minds. The story also highlights the resilience and adaptability of youth.

Books can play a large part in the development of young adults and the topics covered between the covers of King of the Cloud Forests will leave the younger reader a far more thoughtful and mature person. It may also leave them finding their school life and surroundings rather dull and constrictive when compared to a life amongst the cloud forests of the Himalayas.

King of the Cloud Forests is a beautiful and magical tale of love, loss, friendship and understanding. Michael Morpurgo really IS a master storyteller.

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King of the Cloud Forests reader reviews

from UK

Super interesting, a very good read.

from United Kingdom

It is very good and I would like to read more of his books again!!!

from South Africa

What a fantastic novel. Wonderfully written. Hands down best book.

from England

Amazing book although I was made to read it at school I'm now glad that I read it. I'm in year 7 and I hate reading but this book was really good.

from Wales

Fantastic my mum bribed me pans chips I couldn’t stop reading this book.

from England

Don't read much but once I started I couldn't wait till I finished it

from Ireland

Really fun to read with a lot of amazing parts.

from Russia

Amazing 😉 book Best ever read

from Nepal

Awesome... Good Story

from Malaysia

I liked the book and it was adventurous character which I am still 8 years old and I got finishing with my classmates and it was a fun book although it had a lot of pages and word it toke me about 11 days and I finally fished reading the book.

from England

I'm halfway through and am so glad i started to read this book i have read 66 pages in an hour its such a good book and i really would recommend it .

from United Kingdom


from England

It was fantastic. Everyone age 5 and up should read it.

from Nepal

Awesome! Thanks for the review .It was so helpful for me.

from UK

I already wrote a review under the name book reader but after reading those I feel like it wasn't enough... I loved every part and felt like I was part of the story and I'm no even sure what category this would fall into cause it left me crying and sometimes even laughing! Awesome book! I agree- best of Michaels. I think I would still enjoy this in 10 years time and it is suitable for most ages!

from UK

Perfect story - I read it in year 6 and magical creatures aren't really my thing but this one touched my heart. I wil never forget this book and hope u love it as much as I do.

from Nepal

It's really helpful for me as I read this whole summary, it's really interesting. I want to thank u for writing this summary.

from Malaysia

It was an awesome book, I am only nine though. I loved how the yetis were charging towards Ashley because it made it very interesting for any reader.

from Singapore

Beautiful book and to all those people who say the book is boring... probably you're just a resentful teen who was forced into reading this book, with little reasoning behind your review. Michael is a brilliant author and all of his books are worth a read. Suitable for 9 year olds with a strong command of English - read this at 8 and understood and empathised with the book perfectly - but is also refreshing for young adults.

from Australia


from Cornwall

Absolutely amazing. I'm 14 years old and dyslexic and hate reading but this book, I have no words. I wish I was doing this book for my GCSE's although half of it didn't make sense to me. I was at around page 100 when realised that Ashley was a boy 😂

from Cyprus

Loved it!

from India


from USA

Really just pulled me at the beginning and was amazing throughout the entire story.

from UK

Great book.

from London

One of the best book ever done by Michael.

from US

Amazing! Wonderful, I just don't have anymore words to say apart from really good book! Anyone who hasn't read this book I highly reccomend it to YOU!

from Egypt


from Britain

It was alright, it had some lovely moments in it, but it kept throwing red herrings at us and focusing on different plots. A good book from Morpurgo, but not by far his best... I must say War Horse or Private Peaceful are probably my favorites, and I'd reccommend those two to you lots.

from London

I have read a chapter of "Why the whales came" which I think was better, but this was AWESOME.

from UK

Cool book but not Michael's best.

from England

It was amazing!!

from London

Wonderful. I enjoyed it - anyone who dislikes it you're a hater I love it!!!***!!$$

from England

I read a bit, it drew me in to it, I felt like I was in the story but I can't wait to get to the end lol!!!!

from UK

I love this book, it is AMAZING!!!

from The Netherlands

This book is beautiful! You must read it!

from UK

It is a really good book and I recommend it to other micheal mopurgo readers this book is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol:):):):):):)

from Ireland

It was good.

from Usa


from england

it was amazing it drew me in , i love this book :)

from UK

I really enjoyed this book, the ending is the best bit, when the old man finds out he is not the only one who has seen the Yeti's.

from Aviemore


from Belarus

One of the best English books I've read. Brilliant author and story.

from England

I think it is amazing. I especially like the part were Ashley went in the house to see a yeti.

from England

This book has so many twists, turns and exciting moments that it leaves you lost for words and wanting more. It is enjoyable and exciting. Hope you decide to read it!!!

from Crewkerne

I really enjoyed this book, I thought that it was interesting. I am still reading it for my school reading book it's getting better and better!

from Ellesmere Port

I would recommend this book to anyone from aged 10 - 12 as i am 11 and I love the book.

from New Zealand

I am only 11 and it was a very emotional story. I know everyone will enjoy it!

from Switzerland

This book, as are many of Michael Morpugo books, is fantastic. We are reading it as a class in school and it seems very interesting, although we heaven't finished it yet, I think it's awesome.

from Bolton, England

I loved this book however it is bloody hard to do the review.

from England

i love this book and i'm only 10 years old ,we read it at school and everyone enjoyed it especially me , everyone wanted to take it home and read it but we couldn't because it was our school class reader. Everyone cant wait to read warhorse at school because it sounds amazing when my cousin to me about it

from Newcastle

My little brother got this book off his teacher just before the summer holiday and I just had to steal it off him!! ;-) Best book ever! I love the plot and I'm only 12 but I would recommend it to others readers also 6+ xx

from England

I have started reading it at school and I want to go back to school (I'm off because of half term) just to read it!!! ('(oo)')

from South Africa

I really love this book! I'm only 11 but it's the best book I've read so far!

from Anonymous

I really loved the book, it was quite sad, but the plot was excellent.

from England

Just finished the book, it's great. In the end Ashley meets Edward and I think he goes back to the yetis.

from England

I'm only 24 pages off the end and it is a wonderful fantasy. I am only 10 but I would definetly recommend it to other young readers.

from England

I am half way through the story and I am soooooo enjoying it!! I find the book quite cool!!!

from Anonymous

Really good story. Very interesting. Quite sad though, in a lot of places, but really captures the readers attention.

from Australia

It was really interesting. I cried about Tot but I liked it when he found the real Lili.

from Nairobi, Kenya

A wonderful book which can carry you away with it. I loved the part when Ashley stays with the yeti but the ending was a bit boring.

from England

It was quite good. I am only 12 but I would recommened it to any adventue loving readers.

9.5/10 from 63 reviews

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