The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo

(9.0/10) Written with incredible insight to children's relationship with language, people and pets.

Set in the village of Slapton on the south coast of England during the Second World War, this story from master storyteller Morpurgo tells the tale of Lily Tregenza and how she, her family and her cat cope with rationing, evacuation, hope and grief. It is a charming tale with a gentle pace told in the form of a child’s diary.

The story begins with Boowie, who is Lily’s grandson, she is telling Boowie the story of an eventful year in her childhood in the form of a letter and old entries from her childhood diary. Boowie receives this letter after Lily has gone away on a mysterious trip following the death of Boowie’s grandfather. Lily tells the story from just before her 12th birthday; her father has joined the army and gone away to war and she lives with her mum and grandfather on their family’s farm with her beloved cat Tips. Before long all sorts of thing begin to change in Lily’s life, not just her father going away: an evacuee called Barry comes to live with them, everyone in the village and surrounding villages are evacuated; making the whole south coast a training ground for American and British troops to practise beach landings and poor Tips goes missing. Amidst all this upheaval Lily meets Adolphus T. Madison, ‘Adie’ for short. He promises to find Lily’s cat and Lily feels her first pangs of innocent unrequited love. The story also contains a surprise at the end, so as Grandma Lily tells Boowie in her letter – no peaking or you’ll spoil the surprise!

Written with incredible insight to children’s relationship with language, people and pets, this is a story with themes your child will be able to relate to even though it is set in a time that is before even their parents were born.

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The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips reader reviews

from UK

It is a very very very very very good book!! The best book I've ever read!!!

from UK

I loved it, it's amazing. I'm telling all my friends about and there starting to read but I can't believe Harry died, it made me cry for ages.

from New zealnd

Yes this book is fab. It is so good I read it after I went to bed just reading till the vey end when tips die i was like WHAT THE *** WHY THE HELL DID THE CAT DIE!!!! My parents told me off for reading after bedtime and screaming/swearing.

from Argentina


from South Africa

The ending got me. I really enjoyed the book, it was fantastic... really.

from UK

This book really showed me how my emotions work and I couldn't stop crying when Harry died.

from England

A fab book! I couldn't put it down!

from Wales

The book is so good I could read it all day and night if I could. I think if I do more about Michael Morpurgo I will love his book's like this one.

from U.A.E

It is a amazing story.World War II is good and Lily's fun facts.Good best story.

from Italy


from Australia


from Ireland

One word can descibe this book - amazing.

from England

The book is so amazing xxxxx

from Burnley


from Scotland

One word: GENIUS!

from London

It was a good book overall but some parts were a bit boring.

from China

I loved this book! The drama the sadness, everything! It's one of his best books. Loved it.

from Northern Ireland

I love this book and I think it is written sooooo perfectly. I think it is an amazing story.

from Argentina

It is once again a big great story from Michael Morpurgo. I love the way the author writes and describes everything! It makes me travel to that time and scene and to live it in my mind as I were there! Thank you for your stories!

from America

This book was amazing! Once again Michael Morpurgo has pleased his audience with yet another amazing book. The story was well written and I recommend this book to kids over 9 years old.

from England

Amazing storyline from the best author. I love the book and have done a school review on it for homework. I remember the whole story well and it is a great book when studying WWII. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would reccommend it to any child over 10.

from England

This was such a good book I couldn't put it down!

from Tydavnet

It was amazing.

from England

It was an amazing book .

from London

Absolutly brilliant book! Riviting read.

from Nantucket MA


from Derby

This book is just fantastic. I couldn't put it down. I really love the book and that's all I can say!

from Glasgow, Scotland

Me and my class read the whole book we all loved it.

from Loch Ness

I loved this book, I couldn't put it down. The end bit made me sad about her cat dying, but that was after his amazing journey. I absolutley loved it. I recommend it to everyone!!!

from Nolandpeace

Love this. Bugged my mum to buy me one. Should replace 'Harry Potter and the DEATHLY BORING'.

from Nowhere

Good book.

from Chandelle

A very good book.

from Australia

I LOVED IT!!! It was really good ;D The surprise gave me a shock ha ha, it's not bad, it's just a shock. Me and my friends thought it was a shock as well. No one will look at the back :D. I'm glad the teachers chose the book.

from Bishopbriggs

I am not finished it yet, I'm at a bit where Barry has just moved in with them and Lilly is jelous, Grampa is still refusing to leave though :(

from England

THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ (and I have read around 10,000 books WOW ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from Bristol

This book was amazing! I recommend this to any aged 10 and over.

from Ireland

Brilliant story!! I love it and have to do a review on it for school! So lucky I picked a good book!

9.8/10 from 38 reviews

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