Peacemaker Kurogane: Volume 1 by Nanae Chrono

9/10 Bloody, violent yet with a humanitarian edge.

The Shinsengumi compound see their new page boy in the flesh for the first time and once introduced to young Ichimura Tetsunosuke, some think he is just a kid from off the streets put into a decent man's clothing. Ichimura has a hard time getting used to the place as others view him as just a kid among them and being the vice-commander's page he is set for quite a harsh task ahead. Tatsu is still angered by the aftermath of the Ikedaya Incident as many men, hearty warriors died in the massacre. Since Ichimura was made page boy to the vice-commander something has been preying on his mind - where his old friend Suzu is - did he die in the battle of has some other harm come to him? He does not know but lives to find the answers as he was such a dear friend and companion to him.

The novel, the first in a new series, tells the story of Ichimura and Suzu and how they cope with life in general and while one is just finding out what it is like serving under a samurai, the other walks a different path leaving death in his wake. Though there is comedy in this it has a down side showing Suzu's dangerous intentions. Also something that is not mentioned before is the suggestion of shonen-ai romance between Suzu and his master that develops later in the novel with an amazing twist that will shock the reader.

Peacemaker Kurogane is bloody and violent and has a humanitarian edge to it about the ongoing wars. From the creator of Momo Tama and Vassalord, this is a new and interesting samurai warrior take with bloody fight scenes and characters who are believable and funny at times. Extras in the book include a post script about the artist and a special Bonus Manga excerpt of her new series Momo Tama Volume 1.

Peace Maker - Kurogane takes samurai manga to a whole new level with bloody graphics and thrilling fight scenes this manga doesn't miss a trick.

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