Vassalord: Volume 1 by Nanae Chrono

Charley is a vampire hunter with a difference; he is one himself and struggles constantly with what he is, his usefulness to the Vatican and his wondering how God views his deeds. He works with rangy and rugged vampire Johnny Rayflow who does not understand his need for amassing crosses and being on God's side when he is anything but one of his creatures. His craving for blood is insatiable as Johnny knows well when he is the one who has to give him his so he can slake his thirst. Johnny satisfies every one of Charley's needs.

Charley's life with his master started many years ago and ever since he was a kid he had admired Johnny who looked after him in the Great War. When the Vatican sends him abroad on a vampire disposal job, he decides to bring Johnny along with him as he couldn’t think of anyone else he would want to feed on. When he tries to get info on the case he finds he is being blocked and the whole thing seems like a conspiracy. Charley is in the midst of the case and has flashbacks of a time when he first met his master, alone and afraid as a kid abandoned in a church left to go to rack and ruin. Instead of taking his life, he looks after him until a time he leaves him with nuns who take care of him and his needs in a way he never could. Since that time he cries and pleads to see him again, but it is much later when they are reunited.

Vassalord is part mystery, part horror and all vampire mayhem. Charley and his master Johnny make the perfect vamps, the action is superb and the drama mixed with comedy is as good as it can be. Nanae Chrono has excelled herself with this sizzling start to her series. From the beginning there are scenes of action, blood-drinking and readers will love to read more of the same next time the new volume is out.

This first volume also comes with a Vassalord Glossary of names and words with interesting meanings and an afterward where Nanae tells the story of how Vassalord came about. Charley and Johnny were only created originally for the front cover of Comic Blade Zebel's 20th Writer issue, but when a friend saw the concepts being drawn, she said they looked a lot like characters from vampire movies - and that as they say is history taking it from cover art to a full blown manga series!

Vassalord pulls you in with its witty dialogue and unique style - sensual and seductive it is one to keep a look out for.

9/10 Witty dialogue and unique style.

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