Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson: Book 4)

Car mechanic and sometime shapeshifter Mercy Thompson has learned, the hard way, why her race was almost exterminated. When European vampires immigrated to North America, they found Mercy's people had a hidden talent - for vampire slaying. Unfortunately for Mercy, the queen of the local vampire seethe has discovered her true identity. She's also furious when she learns Mercy has crossed her and killed one of her vampires. Mercy may be protected from direct reprisals by the werewolf pack (and her interesting relationship with its Alpha), but that just means Marsilia will come after Mercy some other way. So Mercy had better prepare to watch her back.

Mercy Thompson couldn't keep herself out of trouble if her life depended upon it - and it does.  After killing one more vampire than the head vampiress commissioned her for Mercy is once again in hot water.  As if this wasn't enough an old college friend comes to town asking for help with a mysteriously powerful ghost.  Add on top of that the fact that her relationship with the devilishly handsome Alpha werewolf, Adam still needs to be clarified.  Maybe getting out of town for a while wouldn’t be an entirely bad thing.  A girl wouldn't think that it could be any more complicated, but then it wouldn't be Mercy's life.  Thankfully being able to turn into a coyote, having powerful fae and vampire friends, and being followed constantly by an enchanted fairy stick (guaranteed to make sure all your ewes give birth to twins) takes a lot of surprise out of life and makes you expect the unexpected.

In this fourth Mercy Thompson novel Patricia Briggs has once again hit a home run.  Adventure, romance, humor, witty dialogue and enchanted fairy staves make for one exciting fast paced ride.  Mercy is a character who makes you smile, cry, and cringe with her struggles.  Incredibly likable and relatable I still think that the cover art (though I enjoy it separately) detracts from the story. 

I appreciate that though Patricia Briggs throws in a romantic element it is neither overly mushy nor graphic so the reader gets the point (and here they have sex) with out having to read through it.  It races the pulse a bit but wouldn't embarrass you in front of your mother.  Though indeed Mercy's love life is part of the story it is not the only story that is going on. 

Though this book is still quite new (having been first published in Feb 2009) I find it almost impossible to wait for the next book in the series.  Nine out of ten stars for sure for a fun breathless literary ride.

9/10 A fun, breathless literary ride.

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