Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson: Book 7)

The human population now knows that werewolves and fae exist, but not how powerful they are, and that they have their own way of dealing justice. After the revenge murder of a senator’s son, who had killed a fae, the fae have retreated to their reservations and declared them a free state. This makes life for Mercy more difficult than usual, and when Adam and his werewolves are kidnapped she has to find out where they are. In the background somebody is pulling the strings, and once Marsilia, the queen of the local seethe, asks Mercy for her help, the ramifications of what could happen if she doesn’t help fight who is behind the kidnappings could be catastrophic.

After only being married to Adam for a few months, and having finally recovered from their river monster-fighting honeymoon, Mercy once again has to take charge of her wolves and friends to save them from a megalomaniac vampire, rogue mercenaries and fae assassins. As with all of her books in this series, Patricia Briggs writes a fast-paced novel full of magic swords, ghosts and things that growl in the night. Another fun Mercy Thompson adventure.

8/10 Another fun Mercy Thompson adventure.

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