Frostbite by Richelle Mead (The Vampire Academy Series: Book 2)

Rose’s core beliefs are shattered when she and Dimitri (a tall dark and truly god like Guardian) stumble across a savage and well thought out massacre.

This has a rippling effect across the world of Moroi (mortal vampires) and Dhampir (½ human ½vampire). With threats happening to Royal Moroi decisions are made to flee to the assumingly safe haven of some frosty ice capped mountains and a luxury ski resort; a place where Rose’s true trials of love and passion begin and add to her already long list of mounting problems. Unable to confide in her best friend princess Lissa she struggles on alone.

As the threat to the Moroi continues outside the save haven young Dhampir and Moroi become restless and take reckless action. With Rose being the only one knowing what's happing she has to take control and try and reign peace but as usual things don’t turn out as planed and they end up in more trouble than they began. With the life of her friends at risk the question is will she be able to save them and herself? And will her heart recover?

This is the second instalment in the series of the Vampire Academy and is as gripping as the first. Don’t worry if you have not read the first as it is recapped well but not overly repeated. Rose is growing as a character in this book although some older Dhampir may disagree (especially her mother!) She is becoming bold and powerful someone to admire. Romance plays an important part in this novel and you find yourself pulled in many directions but it does not over power the battles for life and death they have. A fantastic and inspiring read.

8/10 A fantastic and inspiring read.

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I love these books, but any idea why the audio books have her and her gal pals sounding like strawberry shortcake and the gang? The inflection eludes to preschool aged girls instead of high school girls. It's very annoying.
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